NYX Auto Lip Pencil Plum Review

by Arya Chatterjee
3 minutes read

What is it and who is it for? NYX Auto Lip Pencil Plum is a lip liner to contour your lips before applying the lipstick. It helps keep the lipstick inside the edges and to give a more sophisticated look.

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Rs 221

How to Use:

The lip pencil is used to contour the lips and make them look plumper before applying the lipstick. But the pencil can also be used as a lipstick for a softer day-look. The lipstick is helpful as it prevents any smudges and makes applying lipstick very easy.

The consistency of the lipstick is very smooth and creamy. As the tip is very thin, it’s easier to line the lips with. The retractable pencil keeps the work of sharpening the pencil at bay and also keeps the pencil neat and tidy.

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My Experience with NYX Auto Lip Pencil Plum

I already own the pencil in Mahogany which is an absolute day look but this pencil being plum isn’t as dark as most plum pencils. The pigmentation is strong but the color is sophisticated, keeping it classy. The color can be applied for a day look or a night look, depending on the lipstick you fill it with. It’s dry to apply for the first few uses. I had to rub it on my hand to make the pigmentation darker.

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This is one of my lesser liked lip pencils from NYX. Being dry it also flakes up initially. Prepping lips is a must.

But for the price its a pretty good product.

NYX Auto Lip Pencil Plum Review

  1. Creamy Consistency
  2. Easy to Apply
  3. Slim Tip
  4. Good for Contouring
  5. Strong Pigmentation
  6. Long Lasting
  7. Light Weight
  8. Retractable Pencil
  1. Dry for the first few uses
  2. Tough to remove
  3. Doesn’t do justice to ‘Plum”
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

I already have two more NYX Auto Lip Pencils myself so I can’t complain. I’ll recommend because a lip pencil is essential to achieve a neater and tidy look. It is a bit dry in formula compared to other lip pencils from NYX though.

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