NYX Locked Lipstick Review

by Smriti S
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NYX Locked Lipstick : Lipsticks play an important role in everyone’s life. Lipsticks are being manufactured by almost every cosmetic brand ranging from drugstore, affordable brands to high-end luxury brands. Sometimes we end up buying same colors from different brands because the color looks too good and hard not to purchase. So girls, I will tell you a tip here. Take all your lipsticks and swatch them on your hands and take a picture of this, so that whenever you go lipstick shopping, you can compare the swatch with the image which will make it easier for you to select a new shade. Today I will be reviewing the NYX full throttle lipstick Locked Shade 10 .

NYX full throttle lipstick Locked Shade 10 Review 4


Rs 600/$7

How to use

Open the cap and swipe a layer of the lipstick. Also, the lipstick is bullet-shaped and hence can be used as a lip liner as well.

My experience with NYX Locked Lipstick


It comes in the usual black tube kind of package that has an attachment to it about which I will reveal later in the review.


It doesn’t have any kind of fragrance at all

NYX full throttle lipstick Locked Shade 10 Review 2

NYX full throttle lipstick Locked Shade 10 Review 3


I purchased this product on nykaa since I had seen a lot of hype for the NYX products. I purchased a shade different from the ones I use since I wanted to experiment with a vamp kind of look, so I purchased a mauve kind of shade. I got the product 4 days after ordering. I was pleasantly surprised. The surprise along with the lipstick was a small attachment along with it which I realized a few days after I started using it. The end of the lipstick has a small cup kind of container which is attached to the lipstick that contains a small amount of lip gloss as well. The lip gloss is the same color as that of the lipstick which can be used to give an added plump to the lips. The lipstick indeed is water proof, matte and long lasting. The reason behind this is that it contains loads of lead, so I don’t use this on a daily basis.

  1. Long lasting
  2. Water proof
  3. Matte in nature
  4. Bullet shaped makes it easy to line the lips
  5. Contains a small amount of lip gloss
  6. Super affordable
  7. Comes in a variety of shades
  8. Easy to carry
  9. Easy to use
  1. Contains lead
Would I repurchase or recommend?

Personally, I don’t really use lipsticks daily, or for a long amount of time, so I would definitely purchase some more shades. But if you want a lipstick for daily use from morning till evening, I wouldn’t really suggest this since it is one of the product that contains very high amounts of lead. For occasional uses or when you want to use it for a small amount of time, this lipstick is definitely worth it. The reason is that sometimes, we end up smacking our lips and if we consume lead (even though in extremely small amounts) on a daily basis, it will affect our body. I would give this product a 4/5 owing to its advantages and the reduction in 1 point is due to the high amounts of lead contained in it.

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