O3+ Lightening and Calming Face Wash – A Good Buy ?

by Namratta Sarkar
2 minutes read

Who is it for? O3+ Lightening and Calming Face Wash can be used by people of all skin types.

O3+ Lightening and Calming Face Wash

Price -  258 for 50 gm

My Experience with O3+ Lightening and Calming Face Wash


The face wash comes in a white leak-proof tube. The design and the packaging are done such that the users can easily hold onto the body and squeeze the face wash right onto their palms.


         The face wash is colorless. It is gel based, with a thick consistency. A small proportion taken is sufficient to produce lather.


         Open the cap of the tube and squeeze out a small portion of the face wash and with the tip of your wet fingers, apply the product on the face in a circular motion for 3 minutes.


        Since I have an oily to sensitive skin, I was really never sure what face wash to use that could really cleanse my skin and make it feel fresh but not dry and at the same time didn’t cause irritation to my skin. But on recommendation, I tried O3+ Lightening and Calming Face Wash and to be honest, I have to admit that it works wonders for my skin. My skin feels a lot more rejuvenated after using this face wash.

What I like about the face wash -
  • Leak-proof packaging
  • Best for the oily and sensitive type of skin
  • Deep cleanse the skin
  • Retains moisture to the skin
  • Soothes irritation
What don't I like?
  • The price for the small quantity
Would I recommend?

Yes, definitely I will.

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