OPI Alpine Snow Nail Polish Review

by Sone
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What is it and who is it for? OPI Alpine Snow is a white nail polish, with cream finish.

 OPI Alpine Snow Nail Polish Review 5


$ 6.54 for .5oz

How to Use:

Apply a base coat. Let it dry. Then apply the first coat. After it dries, then apply the second coat and so on till you get the desired finish. You MUST finish it off with a top coat.

My Experience with OPI Alpine Snow Nail Polish

OPI nail polishes are the cult. Between OPI, Essie and China Glaze/ Sally Hansen…not even high end brands like Dior etc stand a chance. This nail polish comes in a standard OPI packaging.

I am quite happy with the wand as it applies the nail polish in an even coat with equal spread.

OPI Alpine Snow Nail Polish Review 3

The nail polish itself is sufficiently thick. Generally two coats will do the trick. Since this is a very unforgiving color, I suggest you take extra care while applying it. Make sure to give the coats adequate time to dry. It dries pretty quickly though.

Everything about it is perfect to me…the color, the finish…the ease of application…BUT!! This thing chips. Oh yes it does! That’s why…you MUST apply a top coat; else forget about it lasting more than 2 days…especially if you have to do your chores.

  1. Beautiful white color
  2. Excellent cream finish
  3. Want is great
  4. Easy to Apply
  5. Dries Quickly
  1. Starts Chipping within two days
  2. A bit on the pricier side
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

I am on the fence for this one. Everything is great except its lasting power. If you take good care of nail polish so that it doesn’t chip…I’d say go for it?

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