PAC Auto Lip Liner Blush Review

by Nikhita Ferreira
3 minutes read

Who is it for? The PAC Auto Lip Liner Blush is for women/girls with lighter skin tones that are looking for a pink lip liner that can be used as a lipstick.


INR 285

PAC Auto Lip Liner Blush

My experience with the PAC Auto Lip Liner Blush


The lip liner comes in a box that is black and has the shade shown on one side of it. It has details like ingredients and pricing mentioned on it. The liner is in a roll on form and has a cover that fits on tight. It’s in the shade of the product with just the cover in black.


Blush is quite a pop of pink …you could say a Barbie sort of pink. And I’m not the biggest fan of that.


I’m not at all impressed in this department. It does look extremely smooth but when you go to apply it, you realize that it’s not.


Application is not at all easy with this product. First of all, the bullet is extremely thin and keeps breaking when you apply. Also, the application is hard, really hard. It’s a very dry formula and so it tugs at the skin and goes on very patchy.


This doesn’t suit dark skin tones for sure. It will work best for lighter tones and maybe a few medium skin tones.

My experience

I had a very bad experience with it. I’ve tried it just once and it looked horrible. It wouldn’t apply well, it was completely patchy and dry, you could tell by just looking at my lips. It’s really surprising because otherwise, PAC does really good products.

Overall experience with the PAC Auto Lip Liner Blush

  1. Suits light skin tones
  2. Decent packaging
  1. Doesn’t suit dark skin tones
  2. Very drying
  3. Applies patchy
  4. Tugs at the skin when applying
Would I repurchase & recommend?

If my issue was with just the shade, I’d recommend it because some people might actually like pink. But my issue was with everything. It was drying, patchy, tugging at the lips. There’s pretty much nothing right with this particular product.



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