PAC Diamond Eye shadow No 216 Review

by Nikhita Ferreira
3 minutes read

Who is it for? PAC Diamond Eye shadow No 216 is For those looking for a wine like an eye shadow with some shimmer in it that can be used to glam up your look.


Again, I’m not so sure of the exact pricing. But, it’s between INR 300- 450.

Sensitivity Alert

I haven’t faced any issue with this and neither have any of my clients. So I’d say it’s safe!

PAC Diamond Eye shadow No 216

My experience with the PAC Diamond Eye shadow No 216


The eye shadow comes in the usual metallic refill pan, which is placed in a plastic casing. I have no issue with the packaging, only thing is, I wish the pan came with a magnet to it. It would have made storing easier.


Now, this is one beautiful shade that you don’t find very easily. It’s sort of like a wine/burgundy shade that has a lot of gold shimmer specs to it. So, if you’re looking to glam up your look for a night out, it will work beautifully.


So, I usually like eye shadows that feel buttery between the fingers. Basically, when you can’t tell that you have a product in your hands. But, with this one, due to the shimmer, it does feel a tad bit grainy.


Now here’s the tricky part. This particular PAC eye shadow doesn’t blend with as much ease. It needs to be patted on to the lid or has to be used with glue as there’s quite a bit of fall out.


A lot of people have told me that they find it a little pricey. But, for me, since I do makeup professionally, I think it’s a real steal.


Like all other PAC products, this one too has a very strong pigment.

My experience

I’m extremely happy with this product. I haven’t used it on myself, but I’ve used it on clients and they’ve all loved it. It looks gorgeous on the eyes and adds so much of glam to the look. It completely ups your game.

My overall experience with the PAC Diamond Eye Shadow No 216

  1. Strong pigment
  2. Not expensive
  3. Beautiful shade
  4. Decent packaging
  1. No magnet to the pan
  2. Lots of fall out
Would I repurchase & recommend?

Of course. I love the shade and its great quality too. So guys, go get it!!

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