PAC Eye Shadow PP49 Review

by Nikhita Ferreira
3 minutes read

Who is it for? PAC Eye Shadow PP49 is For those looking for a silver eye shadow that will suit most skin tones and that it is not too heavy on the pocket.


INR 300

Sensitivity Alert

Sometimes, when I apply eye makeup, my eyes start getting irritable. However, though, I’ve never had that issue when I’ve used the PP49.

PAC Eye Shadow PP49

My experience with the PAC Eye Shadow PP49


Most refill eye shadows and lipsticks have the same basic packaging. The product comes on a metal pan with a magnetic base which makes it convenient to place into a magnetic palette. The pan is placed in a plastic covering that has details about pricing and shade mentioned on it.


I’m a warm skin tone so I usually stay away from shades like silver as it doesn’t suit me. Most silver shades that are available have a very steel-like look to it, which I don’t like. So even on clients, I used to try and steer away from this particular shade. But then I chanced upon the PAC PP49 which is a beautiful silver. It has a shimmery finish to it and will even suit a lot of warm toned people.


I use a lot of PAC products, and 90% of their eye shadows have a very soft and smooth finish, very butter like. And I love that.


Because of its butter like finish, the application is very convenient. It glides on easily. Although, when I use it, I like to just pat it onto the lid, that way excess product isn’t applied.


So when you take it onto a brush and apply it, it isn’t too strong. But I like it like that. If the pigment was stronger, the silver would be too much and the shade would lose its beauty.

My experience

Like I mentioned above, I’ve never come across a shade of silver that I liked. But this one works so well.

Overall experience with the PAC Eye Shadow PP49

  1. Magnetic base
  2. Beautiful shade
  3. The right amount of pigment
  4. Smooth, butter-like texture
  5. Application is convenient
  1. So far, no negatives J
Would I repurchase & recommend?

For sure. If a silver shade is what you’re looking for, then this is it.

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