Pac Wedge Sponge Review

by Somya Satija

Who is it for? Pac Wedge Sponge is a set containing 4 sponges in the shape of a wedge perfect for professional-style application or blending of a variety of products.

Pac Wedge Sponge


INR 225 for 4 sponges

(INR 56.25 for each sponge)

My experience with PAC Wedge Sponge


It comes in a plastic reusable pouch containing the sponge.

Colour and Texture:

The sponges come in 2 color off white and red. They are quite dense and does not soak up a lot of product. When soaked the size increases and becomes even more squishy.


I have used beauty blender before which was very expensive considering it was just a sponge. Some may disagree but I find absolutely no difference in the application of Beauty Blender or some cheap sponge. The only difference is the cheap one soaks up more product. Also, with regular use sponges become dirty and no amount of washing cleans it. And dirty sponges give me heebie-jeebies. So I was looking for affordable sponges which you can toss out after using for 2-3 months.

The wedge shape makes it easier to apply contour. I felt no difficulty to cover every nook or corner of my face. It does not soak up much product and can be used wet as well as dry. It gives a natural finish and prevents my makeup from looking cakey,

Now since they are in two colors, I never mix them up. I use each one for a different purpose like foundation, powder, blush, and contour.

What I like about this wedge:
  1. The wedge shape is easy to use
  2. 4 sponges in one pack
  3. Inexpensive
  4. Provides natural finish
  5. The shape makes it easy to contour
  6. Soft and dense
  7. Does not soak up a lot of product
  8. Nice travel-friendly packaging
  9. Can be used dry or wet
  10. Last long
What I dislike about this wedge:
  1. None
Would I repurchase?

I would, but now there is a cheaper alternative by PAC which has 8 wedge sponges for INR 200 which is even cheaper.



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