Pac Zero Pore Separation Cream Review

by Suravi Pradhan
2 minutes read

Who is it for? Pac Zero Pore Separation Cream is for those who have combination to oily skin with enlarged pores and they are finding a face primer to use under their foundation to cover up their pores and keep makeup last longer.

Pac Zero Pore Separation Cream Review

Price – 750 for 30ml

My Experience with the Pac Zero Pore Separation Cream


The product comes with a transparent glass tub with a black lid also it comes with a spatula. Inside of the tub, it has a protective lid yet when the jar gets upside down product comes out of the lid and becomes messy. But I must say overall the tub does not leak but as inside it gets messy I wouldn’t recommend while traveling.


The primer has gel-like consistency and very slippery texture when you take on your fingers.


This product is transparent.


Absolutely no fragrance at all.


Take a small amount with a spatula and apply on your face especially on t zone when you tend to get more oiliness.

My Experience with Pac zero pore separation cream

I have oily t zone and in the daytime, my makeup gets off easily so I wanted to try some gel-based primer which covers up my pores also controls oil on my face. I use toner and moisturizer first then I apply on my cheeks and t zone area and avoid periphery of my face as I have kind of dry cheeks. I won’t say my pores almost vanished using this product but somehow it looked smooth. Now coming to the staying power this primer actually helps me to hold my foundation longer times and did not make me melt.

What I like about the product-
  1. Quickly absorbs into the skin
  2. Keep makeup last longer
  3. Controls oil
  4. Helps pores look smaller
  5. It is not a silicon-based primer
  6. Paraben-free and also cruelty-free
  7. Affordable
What I don't like about the product-
  1. Packaging is not travel-friendly
  2. Does not justify name properly
Would I repurchase -

Not really I will buy something else which will cover pores completely.

Rating 3.5/5

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