Parachute Advanced Body Lotion Cocolipid & Water Lily

by Sreeparna Ganguly
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Parachute Advanced Body Lotion Cocolipid & Water Lily is a coconut oil based body lotion for all skin types. If you love non-sticky body lotions for dry skin definitely try this.

Parachute Advanced Body Lotion Cocolipid & Water Lily

Price- Rs.199 for 250ml
Sensitive Skin Alert?

The formula is mineral oil free but contains parabens.

My Experience with Parachute Advanced Body Lotion Cocolipid & Water Lily


This lotion comes in a white plastic bottle. The flip-top cap and the labels are colored in light blue. The packaging is opaque so you can’t easily determine how much product is left in the bottle. Otherwise, the packaging is travel-friendly and sturdy.

Colour & Texture

It is a white colored creamy lotion. The consistency is thick but might feel runny in summer due to melting its main base coconut oil. It gets absorbed quickly and does not feel greasy. It gives soft and moisturized skin for 6 hours at least.


Though the main base of this lotion is coconut oil the fragrance has a floral theme with just a hint of typical coconut smell. The fragrance is very similar to other Parachute advance range lotions but this particular variant has an added boost of fresh water lily scent. The smell is very mild, soothing yet stays in your clothes for some time.


I have tried all the variants of Parachute body lotions and loved how they moisturize my skin without making it annoyingly greasy. This new launch variant is also of good quality. Its moisturizing capability is highest among all Parachute body lotions. The formula is still non-sticky. The skin remains soft to touch for long and no stretchy feel to be experienced. I really enjoy the fresh smell. The moisturizing effect lasts longer if applied on damp skin after taking shower.

What do I like about this body lotion?
  1. Moisturizes the skin nicely
  2. Does not feel sticky
  3. Gets absorbed quickly
  4. Amazing fresh floral smell
  5. Keeps skin hydrated and soft
  6. Mineral oil free formula
  7. Made with coconut oil
  8. Sturdy and attractive packaging
What I dislike about this body lotion?
  1. Contains paraben as a preservative
  2. Reapplication is needed after a few hours for extremely dry winter weather
Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

This has become my favorite Parachute so I am definitely buying this again. I will suggest it to those who like fragrant body lotions with a moisturizing formula.


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