Starbucks Javachip Recipe

by Sone
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Starbucks Javachip Recipe: I admit it today! I am one of those silly people, who look for sales and bargains everywhere, yet don’t think twice before splurging on a #Starbucks coffee!

What to do! They come up with such delicious concepts and yummy sounding names, that it’s hard to resist 😉 The most sustaining and long term crush of mine, has been the Starbucks java chip! Coffee with chocolate chips in every sip…are you seriously kidding me!I am in a coco sugar induced coma, java chip even when I think about it 😉

Peanut butter javachip frappe recipe 1

Well, I am feeling pretty smug right now!I have NAILED this delicious beverage …and managed to bump up the oomph! 😛 Try my peanut java chip frappe. At the expense of sounding cliche’–No one can drink just one (um hummm 😛 ) !

Peanut butter javachip frappe recipe 4

Ingredients Required for Peanut Butter Javachip Frappe :
  1. 3/4 Cup Frozen Milk ( Choose any milk of choice dairy / nut milk or soy milk ;but it SHOULD be frozen. Adding ice spoils the juju 😛 )
  2. 1 tablespoon semi sweet chocolate chips (need chocolate chips for consistency, normal chocolate will not do)
  3. 1 large tablespoon peanut butter (I use my home made peanut butter )
  4. 1 spoonful sugar
  5. 1/2 teaspoon good quality instant coffee powder
  6. 1/4 of a pinch of salt (teeny tiny amount)
  Method :

Just plonk all the ingredients in a blender and blitz away to glory!
Peanut butter javachip frappe recipe 2
You will be left with that slushy chippy coffee blend like this. This is perfect!
Peanut butter javachip frappe recipe 3
Make this today and let me know ,how it turned out for you!
Peanut butter javachip frappe recipe 5
Coffee, peanutty…and chippy- on the money 😉 😛

Peanut butter javachip frappe recipe


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This is awesome..

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Wow definitely gonna try! A lot of people rave about this