Philips Satinelle Epilator – Boon or Bane ?

by Neha M
4 minutes read

Who is it for? This Philips Satinelle Epilator is for women who are always on the go and at the same time cannot afford to compromise with their confidence and comfort.

Philips Satinelle Epilator

How to use it?

After you open the packaging, you will most probably have the epilation head already attached to the body but if not, push the head in a sliding motion sideways on the body, you will hear a click and that means that the head has been securely placed on the body. Connect the charger to a power point and switch on the epilator. Initially, you might want to begin with the lower speed setting and as you get comfortable with the epilator, you can increase the speed.  If you find epilation too painful or if you feel that the epilation head is causing your skin to cut, use the sensitive area cap, it should help.


I bought this Epilator off Amazon at INR 1899, however, the MRP is INR 2695.

My experience with Philips Satinelle Epilator HP6421/00, Legs and Body

This was my first epilator and according to general perception, epilators are supposed to extremely painful since they pull the hair one by one from the root and no gain without pain, right? Prior to using this epilator, I swore to wax. I personally have a pretty high threshold for pain, hence when I used this epilator for the first time, I wasn’t in a lot of discomforts. This epilator does a good job removing hair from the legs, underarms and even the belly area but I tend to get extremely thin growth on my hands and that is where this epilator requires a little more effort. Another shortcoming of this epilator is the noise, it has a very loud noise and that can be irritating sometimes. On legs, it gives a finish as smooth as waxing does. Unlike shaving, since the epilator pulls the hair from the roots, the hair regrows only after two weeks and just like wax it does make the growth sparser though I cannot advocate for the complete disappearance of hair growth. Even though this epilator does not come with a light, it is a good deal for the price.

Finally, I have been using this epilator for one and a half year and I can say, so far so good.


The epilator comes in a white box, which has a plastic component separator, to keep your epilator in an organized manner. The package contains a user guide, a cleaning brush, and the sensitive area cap.

Colour and texture

The epilator is white in color with violet graphic designs on It. The epilator has a rounded shape which makes it easier to hold.

Sensitivity Alert

There is no sensitivity alert as such, but people who get rashes from waxing should be cautious, even the rashes are often caused by the wax but it is better to be careful. Another thing to be noted is that this epilator is not for the face, only for the body, facial skin is sensitive in comparison to the rest of the body, so it is advisable to use a facial epilator.

What I liked about this?
  • Cost-effective
  • No fuss of changing batteries
  • Hygienic
  • Less time consuming than waxing
  • Reduces growth
  • Convenient
What I did not like ?
  • Noise
  • Might be painful for some
Would I repurchase or recommend?

Definitely, I have recommended this epilator to many people, a great purchase for first-time epilator users, however, there are many other epilators in the market which are little expensive than this model but come loaded with a lot more features, hence those who are comfortable with epilators can look at other options. Otherwise, this device provides a lucrative alternative to boring and irritating trips to the parlor.



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