Pillow Skin ? Here is the solution

by Mallika Dharmani
4 minutes read

Pillow Skin: Ever thought your fluffy friend could be the cause of acne and warts on your face. No?? The time you have it a thought.

 Acne is of so many types one of which is mechanical which is caused by objects touching your face and pillows probably more in contact with our face than anything else. All through the night, we have our face pressed against the pillow giving it a good 6-8 hours to contribute to acne.

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If you don’t change your pillowcases too often, there could be an accumulation of oil from your face and dirt from the environment and bacteria.

All this gets transferred to your freshly washed face and then the trouble begins! All this oil and dirt then get stuck and clog’s the pores and stays there till you wash it off in the morning.

Sounds really unhygienic!! It’s not necessary that all of us breakout because of our pillows but it is one of the obvious reasons for the same.

Take small simple steps to prevent them.

# Face wash

Before sleeping, it is very important to wash our face to get rid of the grime resting on our face and also to avoid spreading it further on our pillowcases.

# Washing pillowcase

 If you have a serious case of breakouts make sure that you wash your pillow case at least once in every 3 days.


# Avoid fabric softeners

 Softeners have a waxy solution which gets deposited onto the fabric and stays there. This waxy layer though can’t be seen but does a good job clogging up your pores.

# Don’t sleep face down

 Try and sleep on your back so that your face doesn’t come in contact with your pillow much. Pressing your face on it for a good 8 hours is the worst that you could ever do to your skin.

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#5 Satin pillowcases

It’s best to use satin pillowcases as they are soft and feel less irritating on your skin causing you to breakout less…

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Whatever you do make sure that you don’t end up on a pillow that is clogged with a week’s oil, dirt, and mites. Keeping yourself and your face hygienic is going to solve more acne problems for you than those market products ever can.

So sleep better and breakout less 🙂

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