Plant Nanny – What is it?

by Sone
3 minutes read

Plant Nanny: Okay,  so this is going to be a super short and cute post!

I recently discovered this awesome new app called ” Plant Nanny”.

Now we ALL know how important drinking water is for our body and beauty ;)I knew this, loads of people know this, STILL, we skip on being regular with water intake.I found this super amazing app that I want to share with you guys.As you know me …this is NOT  a sponsored post in any way!plant nanny app review 17
 So basically in this app, you enter your body weight, age, height, and lifestyle and it tells you your water requirement. now as YOU drink water, your cutie plant gets to drink water too!

plant nanny app review 2

plant nanny app review 3

plant nanny app review 4

plant nanny app review 5

plant nanny app review 6

plant nanny app review 7

 Every time your body needs water…your plant feels thirsty and you get a reminder…drink water!

 plant nanny app review 13

plant nanny app review 15

plant nanny app review

plant nanny app review 17

 If you ignore the reminder the plant gets all cutely sad…and if you ignore it…your plant can even die!! Ay ay ay ayiiii 🙁 This the CUTEST thing ever…and it will help you stay hydrated!I have been drinking water regularly past few weeks because of this app and its cute reminders 😛
Try it, its free 😉



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