Positive Magic Mantra #7 ! Always Remember This :)

by Sone
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Hi lovely people 🙂

I went ahead and added a link to POSITIVITY on the main Menu 🙂 The idea is, whenever you want that positive reinforcement, jut go there !

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How is your life going on right now? I myself am in a slump…you know the kind when you sleep all motivated and wake up all disheartened? I guess it happens with everyone.When the things that you want to manifest don’t appear, you feel low and nothing pleases you anymore.

It is at times like this that we really give up…or want to give up.


Here is my thought for you today :

positive mantra 7 #glossypolish

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This is exactly my point today.

We all, each and every one of us. start doing something with so much passion, so much zeal…there is excitement, joy fun!! Then..we start losing our steam…and more often than not , just completely stop doing the stuff we are required to do.


I know this, because I am totally guilty of this behavior.

So what is it that we should do then?

Three things :


a. If you feel disheartened or unhappy because of the thing,that you wish to manifest. Back off.

No investing your energies in unhappy vibration frequency. Take a step back, take a general view and try to make yourself happy.The moment you stop entertaining or investing in unhappy thoughts, you will feel lightened up.

It is not necessary to obsess over your desire 24X7. It makes sense to focus only when you are happy.


b. Tackle your demons.

The only person who can pull you down,  is you , yourself.

Find out ,what is it that triggers unhappiness in you.Fix yourself. Don’t  invest your energies in something that makes you feel low. I am again  NOT  saying ,that if your desires …or lack of their manifestation makes you feel low,abandon them .

No. It is natural that till your desire is not manifested, you may feel low from time to time.

But the moment you see yourself going down that road. Stop, realign and refocus.See repetitive patterns and tackle them.


c. Continue doing anything and everything that gives you happiness.

Keep yourself motivated. FEEL Happy about anything and everything. Even if you are not having what you want in life, be happy and grateful ,for even that. Maybe, this is a LEARNING for YOU to fix yourself up.Learn your lesson, and you WILL have what you want.Be happy today, now. There are plenty of things to be grateful for. Focus on them and your happy dream. Don’t let ANYONE tell you,if your dream is important or not,or right or wrong. It is going to affect your life THE most. Pursue it happily, unapologetically.


Things just click, when you are least expecting them to.

Just do your bit…keep yourself motivated and don’t give up. It is OK to go slow. It is OK to make mistakes. Its completely natural.

Just Keep Going !


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