Positive Reflections #9 : Complete Your Circle

by Sone
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Hi lovely people 🙂

I hope today is a beautiful fruitful day for you, for those of you looking for a positive sign…Oh I sincerely hope you are getting it right this moment ;)A lot of times, we work very hard…really hard on ourselves,follow every instruction to the T. Still we feel, there is a delay in what we wish to manifest. Sometimes we do manifest what we want to, yet there are other issues that crop up.


Do you know WHY this happens?

It happens because of PROJECTION. Something we do so routinely, that this one aspect, just  gets missed out.


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Do you guys know what projection is ?

Let me explain  it to you with an example.

You are an extremely careful person , who has their dreams and desires totally sorted out. You have safely and securely pushed negativity out of your mind. Yet you feel, good stuff not happening to you! That can be immensely frustrating isn’t it?


One question.

Do you JUDGE people?

If you see someone who is unfit or flabby do you think “Oh man this person’s fat “?Do you think “Oh this girl does’nt deserve this guy or vice versa ” ? If some one is ill, do you continuously KEEP on discussing their illness? Do you invest even 5 minutes of your life  in discussing about a bad event or news?

Are you catching my drift….


Here , even though we don’t have negativity for ourselves, we STILL have it for others.

No, I am not saying its a huge crime or  it is un-natural to judge people.

I am saying two things here :


a. Judging people SEEMS natural to us, because we have been doing it , and have been seeing people do it.


b. Negative thought about another person too, is at the end of the day-a negative thought and it WILL come back to you.


This  projection  is  indirect negativity that WILL affect your life.


What should you do then ?

Its pretty simple . Follow this again for a month..and see your life change 😉

a. Stop judging people. And I mean completely.Try to see GOOD in every one. I am not saying be a raving nincompoop and let people walk all over you. No. Be smart, be careful and still try to see the good in everyone.


b. Please start minding your own business. Hell, this is the HARDEST thing I had to learn, but I did!!

You know why?

You can never go through the exact same feeling as the person who is going through  in his or her life right now. Your life is your business. Any body else’s life is THEIR business. Like you have EVERY right to do what you want in life and make your own share of mistakes, so does everybody else.

Please Live and Let Live.It is underrated, but so damn important!


c. Stop investing your emotions in discussing bad things, negative people, negative events. It all comes in the category of NEGATIVITY and will boomerang right back into your life.


d. Forgive. Let any and every feeling of hurt go. Its just not worth it to hate anyone. YOU get your act together. That’s it.


Find and expel ANY form of NEGATIVITY from your mind.

No matter what religion, what culture, what faith you belong to- Karma is the bottom line. Keep yours sorted 🙂 You are responsible and accountable to yourself.


Have a great day !! 🙂 <3


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