What is Angel Healing ?

by Vidisha Singh
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Angel Healing: When we are children, we believe everything. As we grow up; we are programmed what to believe. In this process, while we start believing the “accepted “thing; for other aspects of our lives-we turn into nonbelievers.

 Today I am presenting this article –with a hope that you could go back to your open-minded childhood-the way you were untarnished. Take the concept I am explaining-as a constant source of support and motivation; if not anything else  🙂

I am introducing you today-to the concept of angel healing. This may help those, who need their private reassurance –that someone is indeed looking out for them.

When you describe someone as an “angel”, you mean a personality trait of kindness. Angel is the ultimate manifestation of all the positive energy that you have around you. The word angel comes from the Greek word “Angelo’s”, which means messenger. Angels are messengers of God. They are non-judgmental beings of light. Angels work on free-will, so until you don’t ask them they cannot interfere with your life. Unless it is a life or death situation.

Angels help you regardless of what you’ve done in the past or who you really are. You do not have to be labeled as a good person to be helped by angels. But they love to help those who try to help themselves.

Don’t sit back and expect them to do wonders in your life. Angels are here to help but they can’t do every work on your behalf. So give your work a quick thought, followed by a quick start, invoke the Angels’ presence through affirmations, prayers, and visualizations and they are right beside you.

When angels visit us, one does not hear the sound of their wings or feel the touch of their feathers, but we know their presence by the love they fill our hearts with. They clear the roadblocks in your life. Keep doing your karma and angels will assist you. Do not fear as you have your guardian angels to help you fight and emerge a winner.

Angel therapy is a miraculous healing concept which involves love, faith, gratitude and to add spark to them all —communication with the angels. Angel therapy involves different techniques, which differ from individual to individual and their ways of taking guidance. It doesn’t always involve the presence of a third person who will ask specific angels for help. Angel therapy works wonders in self-healing.

angel healing 9

Every person has at least two Guardian Angels, so you can call upon them anytime, anywhere. Angel healing is not only about physical or mental healing, it also helps in guiding you on important decisions in life-related to work, finance and quitting bad habits.

In short, they can heal anything and everything. Just as there are many types of angel therapies, the range of treatments and their results also vary. Some healings happen overnight, while some take time.

For instance, while using the channeling technique, an angel therapist channels an angel and through different techniques like auto-writing, Clair-sentience, Clair-audience, Clair-cognisant, the therapist (clairvoyant) comes out with different solutions given by the angels for a specific problem or situation.

While providing angel therapy, we work with seven archangels.

Some of them are:
 AA Michael

— for protection, courage, confidence, safety, fixing mechanical and electronic items.

AA Raphael

— for healing people and animals, guiding healers, connecting you with your soul mate.

AA Gabriel

— for delivering important messages, helping those who are messengers (teachers, writers, actors, artists).

AA Uriel

— intellectual understanding, conversations, ideas, insights.

angel healing 3

So to heal with the help of the angels, all you have to do is call upon them, tell your problem, have faith and pay gratitude. Thank them in advance. Angels love it!

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The writer is an angel therapist and life coach who also gives workshops on the Law of attraction.

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