Purple Roses – Are They Real ?

by Shivani Patni
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What are the purple roses?

Purple roses are considered to be a rare species of rose color. Different naturally occurring rose color species need to be crossbreed after which, it is possible to obtain the beautiful purple rose. Purple roses require more skills and specialized breeding which is the reason why they are available at higher prices at a florist as compare to other flowers.

  1. It can be a white or pink rose into a purple rose by taking help of the artificial dyes. A few varieties of roses can be grown so that they have light-purple hues.
  2. Cardinal Hume roses manage to provide a deeper tone of a purple color than that of hybrid teas, but they are also very difficult to grow.
  3. An alternative to this is that you make a rose-purple colored by placing the white rose cuttings in a mixture consisting of both water and purple food coloring.

Purple Roses

When did they first become popular?

These purple roses are not a modern age phenomenon.

  1. Various varieties of Purple roses were an integral and common part of medieval as well as old age gardens.
  2. Purple roses have been a part of this world more than we know or more than we assume of.
  3. These purple roses are now being replaced with the more contemporary rose hybrids that include miniature roses as well as single-stemmed blooms.
What is the meaning of Purple roses?
  1. It stands for enchantment.
  2. The one who offers the purple rose wants to express that he or she has fallen in love with the one who is receiving the rose, at the very first sight.
  3. The purple rose seeks to convey that it is its depth of magnetism and the everlasting charm which makes the one receiving it very difficult to resist it.
Are purple roses real?

It has been a common question for a long time now – Purple roses, are they real? As a matter of fact, they do exist. There are various types or species of purple colored roses. Some of them are-

  1. Cardinal de Richelieu Rose:

It a dark-colored purple rose. Initially, they are mauve-pink but with time, turn into deep purple. They are small and have a delightful fragrance. They belong to the species of old roses and grow into tall shrubs. But they require a lot of care.

  1. Munstead Wood Rose:

It is a species of English roses that are very easy to grow. They have a very strong fragrance and are capable of beautifying any landscape or house. They grow as bushy shrubs of a medium size. They are very wonderful and spectacular flowers that can help you decorate any place for an occasion.

So, all of this answers our question and it is true that purple roses do exist.

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