Reach the Positive : Now is the Time #16

by Sone
3 minutes read

I will tell you today the story of a girl.Now this girl had always been the model person…at least she thought so!! Loving and obedient to her parents,honest and caring to friends and an empath through and though. Like all other people, she had her own dreams. Her wishes, her desires. But, no matter what, she always thought of others, made sure everyone was happy.


Then a time came, when her own happiness , was getting somewhere lost in all of this. Now mind you, this is a good person…so good stuff IS supposed to happen to her right?

Naturally she was disillusioned.

There were so many undeserving people  ,who are happy and content in their lives. While she…she was damn no place!!


She sat and contemplated, as the wonderful storm raged out.Hey I am a  good person. I do no one any harm, I care for everybody…hell, I even think positive stuff. Then why am I not happy the way I want to be?Why oh, why is it me..she thought, don’t I DESERVE happiness?


Then this happened :


reach your positive

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Realization dawned on her and this MUST be shared with you people too!


  • Stop comparing your life with others.You are NO judge of whether or not someone is deserving.

    You can NEVER know what the other person goes through in their life. Everyone has their share of problems.


   This will help you get off your pity train.

   Quickly, please 🙂


  •   The most important thing she realized- dreaming and being positive is GOOD, but WALK THE TALK!! Taking a positive action for your dreams, is instrumental to making them a reality.


One MUST act . Be so consumed by the effort and drive to achieve the dreams , that it becomes a song you have by hearted. Life is short. Make it worthwhile. Love yourself, believe in yourself—-and make your dreams come true, by taking ACTION on them.

It really doesn’t get simpler than this. 😉


That girl bdw…is me  😛 😉


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