What is the Reason for White Hair ?

by Pallavi Bose
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Reason for White Hair: It is quite normal if your hair color changes. Of course, we have seen people panicking over their white or grey hair. But let’s admit the fact that White hair is very common. Even people who are in their 20s or 30s have white hair strands. Rather than panicking, sit back, relax and let’s find out what are the reasons for this white hair –

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  1. Genetics – We all know genetics play a major role in our skin and hair structure. If there is a common tradition or observation that everyone or let’s say most people in your family has got white hair early, then there are major changes that you will also get the same.
  2. Melanin Reduction – Melanin decreases from our body from time to time. This is mainly because of protein loss and nutrient reduction. When melanin decreases then the hair turns grey and when there is a significant reduction in melanin then the hair turns white.
  3. Medical conditions – Certain medical conditions can also trigger the increase of white hair on your scalp. Thyroid dysfunction or alopecia areata can also lead to white hair.
  4. Vitamin Deficiency – Deficiency in vitamins like B12, biotin, E, B6, D causes white hair. Nutritional deficiencies affect hair pigmentation and thus the hair turns white. Research conducted has also pointed out that lower levels of serum ferritin cause premature hair whitening in young Indians.
  5. Stress – Stress amounts to a number of skin and hair issues. Do you know even smoking and excess alcohol consumption can also cause your hair to turn white? Regular consumption of junk food can also lead to white hair in the future.
  6. Oxidative Stress – Oxidative stress occurs when there is a natural imbalance in the body because of the lack of antioxidants. Lack of antioxidants is not able to revive the free radicals as a result of which aging and such imbalances in pigmentation are quite common.
  7. Chemicals – Chemical exposure on your scalp can cause white hair. We use shampoos, conditioners and many other hair products which worsen our hair’s health and condition in the long run, as a result, we get white hair.
  8. External factors – climatic condition, pollution, unhealthy hair also impacts a lot on your skin and hair. This can also be a major cause of white hair and unhealthy skin condition.

Let us know if you are also suffering from the same in the comments down below and what treatment are you adopting for the same.

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