Ruimio Makeup Contour Kit Highlight and Bronzing Powder Palette Review

by Shreya Chakraborty
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Hey girls! I know the contouring can be a bit tricky. I am sure we all at some point messed up with it and ended up looking baked.  Moreover I feel it’s really tedious to buy compacts bronzers and blushes and blah blah separately. Recently I decided to give powder concealers a shot. They don’t really provide that good coverage but they much lighter and easy to use and most importantly easy to correct than its liquid counterparts. I feel this kit is perfect for anyone who is a beginner in contouring. For the given price it’s an amazing deal.  Read on!

Ruimio Makeup Contour Kit Highlight and Bronzing Powder Palette Review

What is it and who is it for?

It’s a contour powder palette featuring 6 powders.


Can range from $11 to $25 depending from where you buy it. I got it for $11 in Amazon.



Its cruelty free and vegan.

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What does the Brand Claim about Ruimio Makeup Contour Kit Highlight and Bronzing Powder Palette?

The six pressed powders in the RUIMIO Cosmetics Contouring Kit are used to enhance your natural beauty, while downplaying some of your problem areas.
Darker contour shades define features while lighter highlighting shades enhance the eyes, cheekbones, nose, and jaw line. You can now become your own professional makeup artist.

Contour and Highlight Palette Features:
– White for brow modification
– Beige for overall color adjustment
– Medium brown color modulation, saturation
– Yellowish white for uniform toner
– Light brown for high nose
– Dark brown for the side faces to make thin face

What Can You Achieve with Contouring?
– Slim and sculpt a rounded face
– Soften and define a square face
– Define your cheek bones
– Narrow a large or wide shape nose
– Minimize the appearance of a double chin
– Create fuller looking lips
– Minimize a large forehead or receding hair line
– Enhance and brighten the eye area

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How to Use:

Here is the tricky part. Contouring is different for every face depending on shape of the face, complexion and so on. You have to figure it out probably by trial and error what type of contouring is perfect for you or whether you even need certain things like a bronzer. Thankfully we Indians are naturally contoured since our skin isn’t very pale; our features are much better defined. For this particular palette I strongly recommend using a makeup sponge as brushes won’t do any good here.  Brow modification using white powder and the beige powder for overall application is a common step for all in general. As per your complexion white or yellowish white can be used for highlighting whereas brown or darker brown can be used as bronzer. As per your face shape apply the highlighter and then the bronzer. With a fresh sponge now blend from the highlighted parts towards the bronzed part. For Indian skin use limited amount of bronzer. Blend until you get the perfect combination. Additionally use blush on the apple of your cheeks and use a bit of bronzer on the sides of your nose and highlighter on the top of your nose and blend to make your nose look defined. Use make up setting spray to lock the look.

My Experience with Ruimio Makeup Contour Kit Highlight and Bronzing Powder Palette

I was really impressed by the sheer size of the product.  Each and every circle is about 6cm in diameter. The powder is super smooth and provides light to medium coverage. It’s easy to apply and blend and suits me just fine. I use a BB cream followed by liquid concealer then setting powder and finally the contour kit. Below is the list of colors and how I use it:

White (great for highlighting under the eyes and on the cheekbones, T zone, and chin),

Ivory (a more yellow tint that’s been great for color correcting any problem areas on my face),

Bisque (a nice, light bronzer),

Peach (great blush base that I honestly feel would look great on most skin tones),

Medium Tan (I use this to contour my nose and jaw bones),

And Dark Tan (I use this to contour under my cheekbones and around my hairline).

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Positives of Ruimio Makeup Contour Kit Highlight and Bronzing Powder Palette

  • Fulfils all claims


  • The RUIMIO Cosmetics Powder Contour Kit contains 6 Blendable, silky powder that is designed to sculpt, define and highlight your face. RUIMIO puts everything you need to achieve the coveted contour look in one palette.
  • Suitable for all skin tones and skin types. Contouring kit helps make faces look more chiseled and structured without making your makeup look overly dramatic or thick.
  • Provides an even, flawless tone and helps thin down and soften the face while also defining the cheekbones and jaw line, narrow the nose, create fuller lips, lift saggy eyes, minimize large foreheads and enhance the appearance of small eyes.
  • All six contour and highlight shades can be mixed and matched. You can create a perfect blend that will work for your skin tone, whether it is fair to light, medium or dark. Designed to gradually build up your contour and highlight for a flawless, airbrushed effect.
  • Packaged in a sleek, travel-friendly palette. Great for everyday use or for special occasions. Each powder is highly pigmented with incredible payoff.

As per me it’s a fairly good product with good quantity, a really nice and handy package, cruelty free and vegan. It’s easy to correct and easy to apply.

Negatives of Ruimio Makeup Contour Kit Highlight and Bronzing Powder Palette

  • Do not use make up brushes to apply contour powders.
  • These powders are very delicate and can break. Hence it needs to be handled with care.
  • Gives a light to medium coverage.

Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes I strongly recommend this as powder contouring is not only simpler than the liquid ones but also lighter and can be applied on a regular basis day and night. It brings out the definition of the face subtly and enhances the good features. It’s perfect for a novice who wants to try her hand with contouring. You can never go wrong with this product.

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