Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft Review

by Pallavi Bose
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft is an extra moisturizing baby cream especially suited for winters.

Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft

Price: Rs. 637 for 200 ml. 
Method of Application : 

Clean your baby’s face and let it air dry. Now, apply the baby cream with your fingers in dots shape all over the face. Now, gently join those dots and you will get the perfect smooth finish.

My Experience with Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft


Sebamed baby cream extra soft comes in tube packaging. The product details are mentioned on the tube itself. The tube is medium is a size which is fine to carry around. But I feel that if any kind of pressure is applied on the tube then the cream might ooze out creating a complete mess. The opening of the tube is quite easy and not complicated.


The texture of the cream is a bit thick. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive on using it on my baby, because this is a thick cream and I felt that it will take time to sink in completely. But while applying the crème I realized that this is a fully blendable cream. It blends easily on the skin and then there is no feeling of uneasiness.


Sebamed baby cream has a peculiar smell which is very similar to any other cold cream. The smell is a bit heavy on the nose but it settles down after a while. For sensitive noses, the smell can be a bit issue. Thus, the best part is to wait for a while and then there will be no longer any smell.


The cream is extremely good in terms of longevity. It stays for a good 6-8 hours. And the dry patches completely disappeared. This is a perfect fix for any dry skin issues. You can definitely reapply the cream in order to completely remove any dry skin issues.

Points in favor of : 
  1. Completely safe to be used by babies
  2. Easy and fuss-free packaging
  3. Easily blendable
  4. Excellent in moisturizing
  5. Lasts long on the skin
  6. Takes care of dry patches
  7. Can be used by adults as well
What I didn’t like about it? 
  1. The smell can be bothering
  2. Pricey
  3. Not waterproof
Would I recommend or repurchase? 

Of course, I would recommend and repurchase both. But for summers it will be a bit heavy. This is perfect for me in winters.



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