Sesame Oil For Hair

by Rehana Khan
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Sesame Oil for Hair: Sesame oil extracted from sesame seeds is extensively used as edible oil especially in south India. Rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin K, this oil is a savior of hair.

Following are the 10 Sesame Oil Benefits for Hair

sesame oil for hair

  1. Prevents hair fall

Natural remedies always have the least side effects reducing the stress of chemicals on our body. Sesame oil strengthens the roots of the hair thus fighting hair fall. It is highly effective. You can witness your scalp filling up and hair growing thick.

  1. Hair growth

Sesame oil nourishes the scalp deeply and you can see your hair grow long, thick and healthy. The oil can be applied directly mainly to the scalp everyday or 2 days before shampoo.

  1. Treats head lice

The oil helps to fight head lice. It can be mixed with other lice removing products making it more effective.

  1. Treats dandruff

The oil has antibacterial and anti fungal properties which help to fight dandruff. It removes the scalp dryness with the dandruff too.

  1. Hair conditioning

Mixing a few drops of the oil to the regularly used conditioner and serum keeps the hair silky and smooth

  1. Protection from UV rays

Sesame oil forms a coating around the hair strands. This protects the hair from the harmful UV rays whose day to day exposure makes the hair dull and sticky.

  1. Pollution resistant

The hair coated with sesame oil remains protected from the outdoor pollution, dust and dirt

  1. Prevents graying of hair

Regular use of the oil prevents premature graying of the hair and you can enjoy the black shiny hair for longer years.

  1. Hair shine

It helps to retain the hair color and shine for longer years which usually fade with age.

  1. Stress reliever

The oil has a very strong cooling and soothing effect when massaged well to the scalp thus relieving the everyday stress and induces a fast healthy sleep.

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