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by Mallika Dharmani
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Gone are the days when an apple a day used to keep the doctor away. In the present day, modern scenario diseases can be seen cropping all over the places- new or old. Cardiovascular diseases are not a newbie, in fact, the disease is deeply rooted in the society.

Do we know that CVD diseases or cardiovascular diseases (heart diseases) are the number one global cause of deaths on our planet? We as victims- both present and probably sit around while we let this silent epidemic take over!

Change Your Lifestyle NOW for a FIT Heart 3

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Not anymore let’s take an active step towards this fight against The CVD with VLCC Get Well Soon Programs which target the main reason of heart disease- obesity or the uncalled fat. Obesity harbors a number of diseases like diabetes which tamper our insulin levels, mess up our metabolism ultimately leading to diabetes and then strokes – all in a planned manner.

Time to plan and chalk out your schedule to combat the most common widespread disease with VLCC on your side making things 10 times easier and better.

Get yourself over to one of the health centers and let experts help you shed that extra fat because as little as 5-10% decrease in fat saves you from the grip of modern day deadly diseases like CVD, PCOS, Diabetes.

Diabetes another disease that is the outcome of obesity further promotes the risk of heart disease which can further lead to strokes.

Get your meals planned out for a healthy heart and a better tomorrow.


The hammer to break this vicious circle of never ending diseases is -Weight Loss!

A healthy and well-maintained body can be the insurance against all these diseases.

And whats more, now you can even grab a 50% off on these amazing packages by VLCC- all you need to do is step in and have a heart to heart conversation with the experts.

Show the heart some Love 🙂

Your PCOS Friend

Fight Hypothyroidism the VLCC Way


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