Sitaphal Fruit | Custard Apple – Benefits

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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Sitaphal  Fruit or Custard Apple is a subtropical fruit that grows plenty in our Indian climate. This irregular shaped fruit has white creamy flesh and sweet taste. Sitaphal is considered one of the healthiest fruits for its high vitamin and mineral contents. Here are some benefits of sitaphal that will get you hooked to this amazing fruit.

Sitaphal Fruit | Custard Apple

# Quick Energy Replenishment

One sitaphal contains 235calories on average that comes from healthy carbohydrates and fatty acid contents. This fruit can be your best snack idea when you are in serious need of energy. So, ditch those unhealthy liquid glucose drinks and eat a custard apple instead.

# Scare Away Dysentery and Heartburn

Regular consumption of Sitaphal is helpful to detoxify the digestive system. This fruit regularizes bowel movements and reduces symptoms of digestive disorders like acidity, heartburn, and dysentery.

# Sitaphal Ensures Happy Pregnancy

Sitaphal is rich in minerals like iron and copper which in turn is extremely essential for pregnant women. This fruit aids baby’s brain development; prevents morning sickness and premature delivery. It also increases the milk production for the lactating women.

# Have Sitaphal for Youthful Skin

Sitaphal inflates the collagen formation of the skin. The mature skin remains wrinkle free for longer with regular consumption of this fruit.

# No More Dry Skin

The thick extract of Sitaphal is a good source of vitamin B and C. It works as a great moisturizer for the skin and reduces the symptoms of eczema; rosacea or other dryness induces skin problems.

# Sitaphal is Anti Carcinogenic

Various anti-cancer enzymes like acetogenin are found in Sitaphal. Eating this fruit as well as topical skin applications of its extract and latex is considered a good choice for cancer prevention.

# Prevent Premature Graying

A Sitaphal has more or less 215mcg of copper. This mineral increases the melanin formation of the body. The natural black tint of our hair comes from melanin. So, have a custard apple daily for Rapunzel hair!

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