Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparking Pore Cream Review

by Shreya Chakraborty
4 minutes read

Hello ladies!! I will be reviewing the Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore cream from Skinfood today. This cream had been in my Amazon wish list for months now and finally I decided to buy it. These are the kind of products that make me understand the recent years hype over Korean skincare. Sometime earlier I reviewed fresh apple sparkling toner by skin food. This cream happens to be of the same fresh apple range and so far one of the best pore tightening creams I have come across. I shall elaborate more about it below!

Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparking Pore Cream Review

What is it and who is it for?

Pore tightening cream and moisturizer.


$15 to $25 depending from where you buy it.

Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparking Pore Cream Review 5


Contains only two major ingredients fresh apple extracts and sparkling water.

What does the Brand Claim about Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparking Pore Cream?

A cooling and hydrating pore tightener with fresh unripe green apple extract and carbonated water that controls sebum production and tightens pores.

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How to Use:

After using emulsion or serum of the fresh apple range, take appropriate amount and spread it out and let it soak into your skin. Alternately you can also apply it as a standalone product after washing your face properly and splashing it with Luke warm water to open the pores.

My Experience with Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparking Pore Cream

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The cream is gel type and gives a very cool feel as soon as it’s applied to the face. Its main feature is skin tightening and simultaneously moisturizing.  This cream is awesome in terms of oil control – my makeup can last super long when I apply this in the morning. After a few minutes of application gives a matte finish which can be a bit drying. However it works perfectly fine for oily and combination skin. As all the products in the fresh apple series, this too has a mild applely scent which is very alluring and calming. I have been using this product for some time now and so far I have had no problem with it. Since my skin is combination it suits me perfectly. I suggest using this alternate days.

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Positives of Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparking Pore Cream

  • It is an amazing pore tightening cream for oily to combination skin.
  • It makes the face feel very cool right after application
  • Has a faint apple scent
  • Can be used as a primer
  • Makeup can be applied over it without any issue.
  • Can be used as a both day and night cream
  • Chemical free composition.
  • Gives a matte shine finish on drying
  • Hydrates your face and locks oil simultaneously
  • Suitable for acne prone skin too

Negatives of Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparking Pore Cream

  • Not exactly suitable for people with dry skin as it can make their skin feel very dry.
  • Can cause breakouts in rare instances
  • Very expensive for just 50 Gms and limited availability in India.

Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

I have tons of night creams and hydrating gels still this one stands out from the lot. I really wish to buy the entire range as it works best this way. I recommend this for women with oily and combination skin which are prone to break outs. Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Line is targeted at oily skin with large pores. This is suitable for oily skin and people with dry skin might want to steer clear of it

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