Smokers Skin Problems

by Mallika Dharmani
3 minutes read

Smokers Skin Problems: Smokers skin is a real thing. Smoking has become a new fad. Some smoke out of need others smokes to be a member of the swag gang.

All that smoke that you puff out can cause soooooo many diseases be it lung cancer or tar accumulation. But I bet you have already been lectured enough on those points.

What you may have never thought of is the crazy effect that smoking has on your skin

Here are seven good reasons to quit smoking else you can screw up your skin real bad

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# Dark Lips

Yes you can be a black-lipped beauty and kiss away those pink baby lips a goodbye

No amount of balms and products can repair that if you don’t quit smoking.

# Dull skin

 You want drab skin?? Well I can’t imagine anyone loving skin like that.

Smoking makes your skin sluggish and dull.

Natural remedies and even other products fail when it comes to treating such skin

# Dry skin

 No, your daily moisturizers can’t solve this problem. Your skin is bound to be dry since cigarettes contain ingredients which dry out your skin making it look unhealthy.

#4 Fine lines and wrinkles

 Sluggish skin is the perfect skin to give birth to wrinkles.

Wrinkles are much more easily formed when your skin is dull and dry.  Dry skin gets much more easily cracked and is really hard to repair

#5 Increases cellulite

Cellulite and free radicals can grow at large causing your skin to appear lifeless.

#6 Delays the growth of your skin tissues

 Smoking delays your tissue growth due to which your skin isn’t able to repair dead skin cells and replace them as fast as it is supposed to.

Result being the dead skin cells can’t be replaced with fresh new skin

#7 Premature aging

Since your skin is more prone to wrinkles; you are likely to face premature aging.

Perfect horror story!

You can also be a victim of skin cancer as smoking leads to squalor’s cell skin cancer which can spread really quickly.

If you care for your skin quit smoking -for beauty’s sake!!

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