Snackible : Indulge in Some Healthy Snacking !!

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Picture this. It’s mid afternoon. You are done with the lunch and the dinner seems like ages away. Or suddenly the weather becomes cozy, it begins to rain outside and you get that craving for something yummy! It is during these times, that we reach for satisfaction to tickle our taste buds. Either you can really binge and regret later, or have something healthy and yummy without any regrets later on 😉


Snackible : Indulge in Some Healthy Snacking


Snacking is not bad at all!

In fact, healthy snacking has loads of benefits!


#1 Healthy snacking prevents binge eating and ensures that the rest of your meals go according to plan.

#2 Choosing nutrient-dense snacks is an opportunity to fuel your body and meet your daily nutritional requirements, and of course please your palate at the same time

#3 Healthy snacking is also an excellent to stabilize your mood and keep you focused throughout the day.


Cream N onion Whole Wheat Thins

Cream N onion Whole Wheat Thins


Today, we wish to introduce you a brand that is just perfect for these times 😀

S N A C K I B L E  !!


Aditya, the founder, and CEO of Snackible, while working his previous job noticed a peculiar yet familiar eating pattern amongst his colleagues. As the clock would strike 5, everyone in the office promptly would crave snacks and would reach out for the most accessible snacks, which almost always happened to be oily, greasy foods, otherwise the epitome of everything unhealthy.

Noticing this pattern and concluding that people reached for the snacks that were first tasty, then the most easily accessible, as well as cheap, Aditya concluded that people did indeed want to snack healthy, just that they lacked substantial healthy options that were tasty, unique, easily accessible and relatively inexpensive – something Aditya termed the “snack crunch.” This was the eureka moment, the moment that Snackible as an idea found its basis.


Snackible healthy snacking 4


Today, Snackible is a healthy snacking startup, bidding to revolutionize the snacking industry with snacks that are not only healthy, but also tasty, unique, easily accessible, and relatively inexpensive. Over the past 9 months, Snackible has also pivoted itself into a “food innovation” company. With Snackible owning the recipes and outsourcing manufacturing, in addition to coming up with 3 unique snacks per month, the name “food innovation company” is definitely quite apt.


Snackible healthy snacking

Dark Chocolate Power Bar


Snackible currently dawns 16 items on their many, anywhere from Wholewheat Waffles to Cream & Onion Wholewheat Thins, to Dark Chocolate Power Bars and Dark Chocolate Ragi Cookies, amongst many other baked and roasted goodies. Snackible functions on both the a la carte and subscription model and even has the capability of delivering absolutely anywhere in the country.


Snackible healthy snacking 1

Maple Honey Granola Crunchers


Snackible healthy snacking 2

Jalapeno Peanuts


Snackible healthy snacking 5

Oat Honey n Raisin Cookies


Now that we’ve got you all tempted with the sound of these delicious yet healthy snacks, you can appease that temptation. How? Of course by giving in to it and ordering your healthy and delicious snacks at

We have lots of options for you guys, try the weekly sampler to the regular boxes and even individual snacks!! Snacking, was never this fun!! 😀

Come aboard, we are waiting on the health boat, for you to hop on! 😉


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