Something Positive #6 Stop Worrying!

by Sone
4 minutes read

Hi my lovely angels!

I sincerely hope my daily articles are useful, for those of you, who are seeking some positive reinforcement.Today’s article is very important in my opinion. It is the one major thing, that holds us back from having the life that we want.

THIS is the major hurdle to applying the secret , law of attraction…whatever you may call it.



We really want something , and keep obsessing about it. Day in and day out.

This does two things :

a. We keep on sending the same message to the universe- I wish this was true, I wish this was true…you will By God , get more of that!

You will get  more of  ” wishing it was true ” . Think about that, I am being very literal over here.

Your primary emotion is wishing for something and you keep on getting …more of wishing for something! Your own vicious cycle.

b. It makes us unhappy and unproductive.

If you are so busy being unhappy and unfulfilled the entire day, how do you expect to – enjoy what you have right now- and expect better in the future ?




positive affirmation 6 glossypolish


Do these two things , once you are clear what you really want. If it is that house, that car, that job, money,happiness of your child, well being of your parents, success, healing weight loss…any thing.

Focus on WHAT END RESULT YOU WANT  . And then :


A. Decide NOT to obsess over it throughout the day.

No repeated requests to the universe. Universe and higher powers are not deaf. They are extremely empathetic.

If someone asked you to do something, and you are doing it ; still if the person KEEPS ON making the same requests over and over again.What does that do to you? It confuses you and it annoys you.

So STOP obsessing. Stop repeated praying…just let go. Believe your prayers will be heard.

What LET GO really means?

It does NOT mean giving up on your dreams.

It means , believe that your dreams will be fulfilled and focus on the things that are TOTALLY in your control. You fix what you can and let the universe fix what …well the universe can 😛


B. Only once or twice a day, when you are free…when you are happy…imagine what it would be like to have your dreams fulfilled.

Imagine your happiness and be really happy.

That’s when you are at the right vibration frequency to manifest your desires…all the other times, sorry my friend you are not. Wish and imagine ONLY when you are happy.


I sincerely hope this article is useful to you. I felt this was the biggest hurdle to realizing your dreams..try following this and get back to me if you want to know anything else. Just drop a comment down below 🙂


Happy Manifesting 😉


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