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Staggering Beauty Craze

by Arya Chatterjee

Staggering Beauty: I must say I’ve come across the most bizarre PC games but staggering beauty was one of the top tens. The game gave me a split personality. In the beginning, I was fascinated by weird epilepsy like a dance of the figure as well as the splash of all the colors in the rainbow on the screen but after a while, I just could there’s all you need to know about staggering beauty.

Staggering Beauty Craze

Image Credit: Pinterest


Staggering beauty launched in 2015 and the gaming world went ballistic, much like the game itself.The PC game is pretty much you moving your mouse ‘vigorously’ for the worm to go bonkers in a rush of colors and sounds.I must say it was quite fascinating when it began but then I kind of got tired of it. And now I feel like such an old lady because the bright colors hurt my eyes.But this game is also a fantabulous time wasting game to play when you’re bored out of your mind on the train ride home from work. Its mindless fun and unbelievably entertaining.I have never been so terrified in my life before, even though I know what’s coming.

Staggering Beauty Craze 3

Image Credit: the creator’s project

The phone version of the game is not as entertaining. It’s got point systems. But for what? The most amount of time you let the game destroy your eyes?If you’re not up to date with the craze that is staggering beauty, just open your YouTube account and type into the search engine. A number of videos you’ll find will baffle your mind. I actually found a video of 10 hours of staggering beauty straight.If that doesn’t say dedication to you, what does?

Our advice, do try it at least once. To blow your mind.

Staggering Beauty Craze 3

Image Credit : creacreator’sproject

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