Street Wear Candid Coral Lipstick Review

by Sakshi Bansal
4 minutes read

Who is it for?  The Street wear Candid Coral Lipstick is a satin finish lipstick. The color is warm toned tangerine borderline on the orange shade which suits almost all skin tones. However, it’s a more unconventional shade and is not suitable for daily wear. The shade suits only certain outfits and is good for when you are going for a coral look.


Rs. 260 for 4.2gm

Shelf life:

2 years from packaging

Streetwear Candid Coral Lipstic

My experience with Street Wear Candid Coral Lipstick


It comes in a matte black packaging. The name of the color is written at the bottom and the brand name is written is a classy silver font on the tube of lipstick. The side of the lipstick has a label which contains all the details about it like the price, shelf life etc. It opens and closes easily with a click.


It’s a more unique and unconventional coral tangerine shade with orangish undertones. Some people will love it, others will hate it there is nothing in between. The shade is suitable for all Indian skin tones and you can wear it on your day out. The only problem is it is only suitable for certain outfits.


The texture is smooth and soft. It glides very easily and gives the perfect color blend in two to three swipes. It’s a more satin finish than matte so it’s not drying at all. You won’t need to wear a lip balm underneath even if you have naturally dry lips. It is quite buttery so you don’t need to apply much pressure when putting it on.


The Pigmentation is not that rich. You need two to three swipes for the color to turn up well. In the image, it is shown with two swipes both on the hand swatch and the lip swatch.


I bought this on impulse in a store when I thought this would be a different shade and addition to my vanity. However I didn’t like the color much after I wore it at home, frankly, this shade is not for me. Overall the staying power is good it lasted a good 4 hours for me. It doesn’t bleed out or cause your lips to dry. It, however, smudges a lot and transfers. Pigmentation too does not do much for me as I like more rich pigmentation.

  1. Affordable, at Rs. 260 it is quite inexpensive for daily wear
  2. Smooth and soft texture
  3. Unconventional shade
  4. Okay staying power for the price
  5. Doesn’t require a lip balm underneath
  6. Doesn’t bleed
  1. Light Pigmentation
  2. Basic packaging
  3. Smudges a lot and transfers
  4. Can’t survive meals

Would I recommend it?

I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a coral or tangerine shade and doesn’t mind a light Pigmentation.

Would I repurchase it?

Nope, I will buy other shades by this range but not this one in particular as the shade is not for me.

My ratings:


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