SUGAR Contour De Force Face Palette Subtle Summit 01- Why I Love it!

by Rashi Gupta
7 minutes read

Who is it for? SUGAR Contour De Force Face Palette Subtle Summit 01  is a three in one palette which has a blush, bronzer, and a highlighter. This palette will help to create a moderate yet glowing look in a flash!

SUGAR Contour De Force Face Palette Subtle Summit 01


Rs 799 for 12 gm

How to Use:
  1. Moisturise your face and apply primer.
  2. Apply foundation all over face and neck, then blend.
  3. For an easy, every day contoured look, apply the bronzer under your cheekbones to sculpt and define. Use short brush strokes from the top of the cheekbone down towards the chin.
  4. For a brilliant flush of color use a blush brush and apply blush to the apples of the cheek. Sweep the excess across the hairline, bridge of the nose and chin.
  5. Apply pressed highlighter anywhere you want intense glow like the top of your cheekbones, over or under browbones, down the bridge of the nose, and even the inner corner of the eyes.

My Experience with SUGAR Contour De Force Face Palette Subtle Summit 01


It has a cardboard packaging with a woman’s picture on it. The packaging has purple and black colors on it. The palette comes with an outer removable cover which is made of thick paper and has Sugar cosmetic’s logo carved on it. The palette has a big mirror. There is a thin plastic in the palette to protect the product. It has a magnetic closure. It does not come with a brush. The packaging is sturdy, sleek and travel-friendly.

Colour & Texture-

Taupe Topper – It is a cool-toned Brown Bronzer, Champagne Champion-It is a champagne gold highlighter.

Peach Peak- It is a soft peach pink blush.

All the shades have really soft and light texture that blends beautifully.


It has no such significant fragrance.


I was looking for a face palette like this before. When I heard that Sugar cosmetic had some amazing deals on their site on a steal price, I grabbed all the products I wanted and this palette is one of them. Its packaging is really nice. Though I got it on some discount, Rs. 799 for this product is not bad at all.

The highlighter shade which is my favorite is of champagne gold color. It is highly pigmented and applies beautifully. It does not have any hard glitter particles, it will not give any bad texture and it will not move your foundation. It gives an amazing highlight to your face and it is definitely my favorite highlighter.

The blush is of light pinkish peach color, perfect for light or everyday use. It is a matte, light weight powder. It blends very nicely and is highly pigmented.

The bronzer is a matte cool toned one. It blends nicely and is decently pigmented. It works amazing for my skin tone.

What did I like about it?
  1. It has a really soft and light texture.
  2. Packaging is sturdy and sleek.
  3. No overpowering fragrance.
  4. Blends nicely
  5. Not at all gritty.
  6. All the shades are pigmented.
  7. The mirror is always a yay!
  8. Price is not bad at all for the amazing quality.
  9. It is not at all flaky or cakey.
  10. It is free of parabens, D5, mineral oil, and nano-ingredients.
  11. It is dermatologically tested & approved and 100% safe for your skin.
  12. I did not experience any breakout after using it.
What didn’t I like?
  1. Nothing!
Would I Recommend?

Yes, I would highly recommend it to everyone. You should definitely give this a try and there are always great deals on Sugar’s Website.

Each of the shades is available separately as well, so you can get the singles if you do not want to buy the palette.


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Prachi Singh June 21, 2018 - 8:39 PM

Love love love the pallette and color payoff ?

Rashi Gupta June 21, 2018 - 10:01 PM

Yes, it’s amazing??