Sunday Sensibilities : Be happy with what you have , while you choose the path of your dreams

by Vidisha Singh
3 minutes read

Everyone has a list of dreams and we all deserve to have whatever we truly want in our lives. Everything we dream of , no matter how small it is , is valid if it is important for us.Dreams may vary from a romantic relationship , to a new car, a new skill or much dreamt by all-financial abundance. Ahhh!! there is nothing wrong in desiring financial wealth!

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Do we have any idea what limits us in achieving and manifesting our dreams?Do we have any idea what our personal goals and aspirations are? What is that we love to do? We get so busy in the hustle and bustle to chase our dreams that we just forget to think about these questions. We start to concentrate so much on our dream list that we forget to be happy.

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While on the path to achieve our dreams we start to list the things that are not perfect , the hurdles , the blocks , the time it takes to fulfill our dreams. . Achieving our dream is important but equally important is to be happy with what we have.

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I know i am stating two contrasts – ” to be content and yet to dream big “…

The major crux of life lies here.

Dream but do not forget to enjoy the present .Do not emphasize so much on the future that when you achieve your dreams you stand ALONE , and you realize all that you could have done and still achieved your dream.

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Be happy with what you have . Live, Laugh, sing , dance . Celebrate the present . That will help you in creating a positive self attitude, which will motivate you to dream and move ahead and at the end ~~All your dreams are manifested into a reality.

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Follow the path of true miracles.!

Happy dreaming and

Happy Manifesting!!

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