Yummy South Indian Style Filter Coffee Recipe

by Neha V
6 minutes read

South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe : No one does coffee justice, better than the lovely people of South India…at least in my experience :DI have lived in Chennai for three years and I love coffee and everything about it. I love filter coffee so when we came back, I picked up a filter from there.Now luckily I have a lady in the market who sells freshly ground coffee beans. She grinds them right in front of you! The major coffee companies have also come up with some roast and ground coffee for filters. You could also use that coffee for your French press.

Today I am sharing with you, the right way of making south Indian filter coffee. I have tried to stick to the traditional technique as much as possible…hope you find it useful 🙂

South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe 9

Ingredients You Need for South Indian Filter Coffee:
  1. Roast Ground Coffee-Chicory Mix
  2. Coffee Filter
  3. Sugar
  4. Full Cream Milk
  5. Hot Water

South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe 6

South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe 4

Method of Preparing  South Indian Filter Coffee :

Step one:

Prepare you kettle with water. Measure a cup of thick milk and you could put it to boil in a couple of minutes.

South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe 8

Step two:

Take two tea spoons of coffee powder and put it in your filter. Remove the umbrella part of the top and place the powder on the top compartment of the filter. For one cup of coffee you make, you have to use two teaspoons of coffee powder for the decoction. I like strong coffee hence two.

South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe 1

South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe 2

Step three:

Place the top compartment of the filter with the umbrella in it, on the lower compartment, and fill the top with water. If you want a strong concoction, then use lesser water. Close the cap and let the decoction collect at the bottom, this will take a few minutes

South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe 5

South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe

Step four:

Boil milk for a cup of coffee and add sugar to taste. Strain it in a cup and when the decoction is ready, add it to the milk till you get a desired coffee color.

South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe 7

Step five:

Now for meter coffee, you could use davra vati* for cooling the coffee and for the getting bubbled effect on top, like how you would cool down a glass of milk, using the up-down dropping the milk into another glass mechanism. (Hard to explain) drizzle the coffee decoction on top of the bubbles and enjoy!

South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe 9

*davra vati is the coffee and bowl set which is ideal for filter coffee. I did not have a the set so used a regular milk container from a tea set. I have also shown the French press in case you want to try it in that, almost same mechanism of pushing down the ground coffee with hot water.

South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe 3

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Surjeet Kaur April 14, 2016 - 12:58 PM

How much time before serving the decoction can be made and for how long can we keep it

Neha April 14, 2016 - 2:24 PM

Oh yes, you will need 5 minutes to make the decoction and I store it for a day as well, in the fridge.
It has never lost flavor 🙂 when my neighbors are coming, I prepare it immediately then