Swiss Beauty Soft Matte Lip Cream No. 5 Review

by Maliha T
4 minutes read

Who is it for? Swiss Beauty Soft Matte Lip Cream No. 5 is a liquid lipstick for everyone who wants to experiment and explore with brands that are new and on budget. This range has 24 shades in the spectrum of red and pink.


The product is priced at 199 for 6 ml. You can get this at discount on Nykaa and Amazon during the sale. It has a life of 36 months from the date of manufacturing.

Swiss Beauty Soft Matte Lip Cream No. 5

My Experience with Swiss Beauty Soft Matte Lip Cream No. 5


The formula and packaging are similar to Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream. The outside body of the lipstick shows the shade color with soft matte-textured back color cover. It comes with a wand that is sleek and points on the top that makes the application so easy.


The shade N05 is a beautiful chocolate brown which is a very common shade and can be found in almost every brand. This shade is very similar to Nykaa Liquid Matte To Last’ shade- ‘Chai 18’.


It has got no fragrance. It is very neutral in terms of smell.

Sensitivity alert

The product does not give sensitivity alert to its consumers. It does not have any extra layer of packaging that usually other lipsticks have, where everything about its ingredients are mentioned.

Staying power

It has got some magical power when it comes to staying capacity. It can last more than 5 hours without any touch-up. And yes, you can eat and drink too and it will still be there.

Is it transfer proof?

It is not completely transferred proof but very little comes out in the process.

(There is a picture attached to understand the amount of product gets transferred. A lot of force was used and also, I have to kiss my hand 3-4 times to show how much product comes off.)

What do I like?

Am I allowed to say everything?

  1. First of all, the quality of the lipstick. With its price the quality is unbelievable. We usually think that anything that costs less is usually bad and of bad quality. This lipstick breaks that myth. It is a steal deal.
  2. It is very light on the lips. Usually, liquid lipsticks are drying and make lips unstretchable, but this lipstick is so light and airy on lips that after sometimes you forget that you have put on anything on your lips.
  3. This product exactly explains what a creamy matte texture means. It is matte yet not drying and hence, very comfortable on lips.
  4. Pigmentation is very high. This shade completely covers your lips in one stroke. It is very opaque and gives a uniform color for both the lips.
  5. Liquid lipsticks are known to take time to dry. It dries on the lips very fast and doesn’t take much time.
  6. It is very long lasting. It stays on the lips for more than 5 hours. It doesn’t need to be applied every two hours or so.
  7. If you are on a budget and still want to buy a new lipstick or even if you want to explore and experiment with different brands and products, this the product for it. With the price range, it comes in, the quality of the product is unimaginably good.
What I didn’t like?
  1. The list of ingredients is not on the packaging which makes its reach limited as many of us do look for ingredients it is made of.
  2. The shade ranges from pinks to reds, and just one or two in brown/chocolate. There is a lack of nude collection in this range.
  3. If you do not scrub your lips and if your lips are chapped, it shows on your lips when you apply the product. You really need to scrub off the dead skin from your lips before applying the product.

Would I reuse and recommend it?

Yes to both. I would love to try other shades of this product and I am happy to recommend to everyone out there to try it out. It will change your perception of liquid lipstick that is also affordable.

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