Tarot Encounters Answers !

by Ruchika
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As promised here is the TAROT GUIDANCE for the 3 Random Winners!

Tarot Encounters Answers - Free Tarot Guidance for Lucky 3 !



  • Miss C wants to know will it be a love marriage or an arranged one for her?


It’s always intriguing to know what kind of marriage holds for you, one important ingredient in any relationship is love & respect. The same can be achieved via both. Miss C, I am getting to see you would have an arrange marriage and the same would bring immense contentment and joy. You would be given time to understand and know about your partner before you take this decision.


  • Will I be able to move out of Delhi and live on my own by June 2017? Asks Miss. B


Miss. B life is all about being grateful to things we already have and things we would have in future. Living alone on your own is on the cards this year for you. Meanwhile, hold the ground and maintain the positivity. Invite only positive vibes


  • Will destiny keep me in Jaipur or will take me to some other place?- Mr. A

In 1-3 years I am seeing a movement and change in location. The shift would be sudden and may not be the way you had expected. Guidance is saying to maintain calm and cool during stressful situation.Pick up  positive things and those people who pull you up and not down.


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