The Body Shop Strawberry Fresh Body Sorbet Review

by Harshita Gupta
3 minutes read

What is it for? The Body Shop Strawberry Fresh Body Sorbet can be used by people of all ages. It works as a light moisturizer which can be applied in all weathers. It doesn’t leave your skin sticky especially in summers, something which almost all the other moisturizers do. Sorbets are originally sugary and flavored drinks used as desserts. This product actually works as a dessert on your skin.


INR 825 for 200 ml.

Shelf Life:

 It can be used for 24 months from the date of manufacturing or import.

Where to get it from?

This body sorbet is easily available online on body shop official website. It can also be acquired from respective stores.

The Body Shop Strawberry Fresh Body Sorbet

My Experience With The Body Shop Strawberry Fresh Body Sorbet


this product comes in an easy to pour tube which makes its application better and easier. It also travels friendly.

Colour and Texture: 

It comes in an extremely light mauve shade, almost nude. It is slightly thick in texture but is absorbed instantly, without leaving your skin feeling sticky.


This product has a light and soothing fragrance of actual strawberries which stays throughout the day.

  1. This sorbet can be applied directly on the skin.
  2. It is to be applied anywhere but face.
  3. Not to be stored in a place with direct sunlight as it can lose its texture.
  4. Do not apply in large amounts.
  5. If you have extremely dry skin, this product might not be very useful for you. What you can do is apply this sorbet after your moisturizer to have a refreshing fragrance around you throughout the day.

having dry skin myself, I always had problems choosing the right moisturizer. In summers, the body sorbet works for me without using another moisturizer. It leaves a tinge of strawberry on my skin and makes me feel fresh all day.

Overall Experience with The Body Shop Strawberry Fresh Body Sorbet

  1. Refreshingly fragrant.
  2. Value for money.
  3. Easy to use packing.
  4. Travel-friendly.
  5. Nonsticky.
  6. Easily available.
  1. Slightly expensive.
  2. Not for very dry skin.
  3. Comes in only one size.
  4. Not for extremely dry skin.

Do I Recommend it?

 I would definitely recommend this product if your pocket allows it. it might be a little expensive but serves its purpose entirely and is worth buying.

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