The Face Shop Mung Bean Mask Review

by Ritika Singhi
4 minutes read

Who is this face mask for? The Face Shop Mung Bean Mask is the best suited for all those who would want to purify their skin, make it look young and remove various signs of ageing of their skin.

The Face Shop Mung Bean Mask

Price: Rs 100 for 1 mask
How to use:

The mask is a cotton mask which has been dipped in a serum and the mask needs to be applied on the face for about fifteen to twenty minutes. You need to ensure that you have applied a toner or a cleanser on your face before applying the mask.

My Experience with The Face Shop Mung Bean Mask


The face mask comes in a nice plastic pouch which is primarily green in color and has a nice picture of mung beans. It has a simple and nice packaging.


The mask has a nice and appealing fragrance. It fragrance is similar to a mild perfume smell which has a soothing and relaxing smell.


The lists of ingredients have been mentioned on the pack. The mask is paraben free but includes alcohol.


I have an extremely sensitive skin. I have been extremely apprehensive about using new products and usually stick to my tried and tested products. I have to mention that the Face Shop Mung Bean Mask was a great experience for my facial skin. I let the mask stay on my face for about twenty five minutes before taking it off. The fragrance is great and the presence of a mask on your face is great for your smelling senses. I washed my face off the serum of hours. It left my skin feeling more radiant, soft, cleaner and very fresh. Most importantly, the pores were less visible too. So, it was a great experience to use the mung bean mask.

What I like about it?
  1. Refreshing fragrance
  2. List of ingredients on the pack
  3. Can be carried easily while travelling
  4. Great for sensitive skin
  5. Paraben free
  6. Adds radiance and a fresh look to the face
  7. Great buy for occasional uses
What I don’t like about it?
  1. Contains alcohol
  2. A little expensive for a single mask
Recommendation ?

I would recommend this to all who love using masks particularly with instant results. It is a great buy for people with sensitive skin.

Product rating: I would give this mask 3 stars out of 5 stars

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