The Passion for Dupes : MAC Impassioned Dupes!

by Mallika Dharmani
4 minutes read

Pink Lovers this is going to be eye candy for you guys!I’m so raving over this color and I’m totally into it.Personally I’m a Red person but this pink has bowled me over and I dare say this Neon pink is the New Red.


MAC IMpassioned dupes 2


A Bold pink that is here to make a statement!This is such a bright and happy pink that I can’t lay my hands off it.Dear MAC Impassioned – I Love You! But sadly I can’t have you. So I’ll go ahead and have others 😛

MAC Impassioned Vs Sleek Heartbreaker

This one is bang on the money! Quite similar to Mac Impassioned in color and close behind in finish; this one is a great quality dupe!


MAC IMpassioned dupes 4

Image Credit : Makeupolitan


Mac Impassioned Vs Nyx Spellbound:

Spellbound?? Indeed I am and I hope you will be too.

Thank you NYX for coming out with this one because you have created perfection – amazing dupe for Mac impassioned… Creamy and glides on smoothly but is slightly sheer and shiny with a hint of shimmer.

The color is pretty much the same so you’ll never miss MAC.


MAC IMpassioned dupes 1

Image Credit : makeuptutorials


Mac Impassioned Vs Revlon Love That Pink:

Yes Revlon we love that pink and why we wouldn’t it’s totally gorgeous. It’s Creamy and very comfortable lipstick to wear throughout your day and lasts for 4 – 6 hours and gives excellent coverage with just a swipe and stays on beautifully. However it is slightly more coral than pink but the difference is almost unnoticeable once applied to the lips. For less than half the price it’s a great buy 🙂


MAC IMpassioned dupes 3


Mac Impassioned Vs Rimmel Kate Long Lasting 06

Yet another superb dupe which has us hooked on- Rimmel’s 06. With its lovely fragrance and great texture Rimmel is a clear winner for us. It stays long and doesn’t dry out your lips like Mac does. It’s slightly less coral and darker than Impassioned but there’s hardly much difference between the two.


MAC IMpassioned dupes

Image Credit : lovely-notions


MAC is hands down the best…but while you cannot indulge in the best…enjoy with its dupes 😉

This summer get ready to Go Pink! Go Bold!

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