Tips For Doing Nail Art At Home

by Bhumika G
3 minutes read

Hi Girls! Today I am sharing some very simple but important Tips For Doing Nail Art At Home. Here they are –

Tips For Doing Nail Art At Home

  • Using ear-buds for designs:

Nail art tools can get very expensive. A very cheap alternative for round tipped tool would be ear-buds. They can be used to make flowers, polka dots, etc.

  • Using ear-buds to remove nail polish from your skin:

Using nail polish remover wipes or cotton can get really risky because you can sometimes accidentally wipe off the nail polish on your skin because of the wide surface area. To prevent this, dip an ear-bud in your nail polish remover and swipe it on the areas of your skin where you applied the nail polish.

  • Using tape for painting straight lines:

You can use a tape to cover a part of your nail and paint the rest. You can as well leave a gap in between and paint that part to get straight lines lines, you can keep covered half part of your nail and color the rest making a two colored nail; the same way, you can do that with 3 colors, you can do French nails with it as well and a lot other things.

  • Using tape to cover your skin:

We often do nail arts which get on the skin and there is no way we can prevent doing that. For which, we require something that can cover the skin. Applying tape on the skin area around the nail will prevent the nail polish from getting on your nails. You can even use Fevicol instead of tape.

  • Using a hair dryer to dry your nails faster:

It can get really annoying to wait for your nail polish to dry and not being able to do any work. You can use a hair dryer to dry out your nail polish faster.

  • Using a tea bag to heal your broken nails:

Cut out a small part of the tea bag sheet and place it on the chipped part of your nail. Apply a base coat or any nail polish on top of it. This will keep the tea bag secured and will protect the nail as well.

  • How to make an inexpensive nail polish stay on your nails for long:

One disadvantage of buying inexpensive nail polishes is that they don’t stay on the nails for long. Buying expensive nail polishes won’t be very pocket-friendly. You can collect a bunch of inexpensive nail polishes and top it with an expensive top coat. This way, the nail polish will stay for long and it won’t cost you a lot of money.

  • Sketch pen art:

If you don’t have any nail art tools, you can make use of permanent markers or sketch pen to draw the designs that you want on your nail. Top your art with a top coat to keep it secure.

  • Toothpick art:

Tooth picks are also a very good alternative for nail art tools.

  • How to reuse a thickened up nail polish:

Add nail polish remover into the nail polish and shake it well for a few seconds. The thickened nail polish will become liquidy and ready to be used.

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