What Exactly are Twist Exercises for Stomach ?

by Ritika Singhi
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Twist exercises are exercises which mainly focus on your fat and core muscles. They are the perfect exercises for your lower and upper abdominal area and also for the oblique muscles.

For whom are the twist exercises best suited?

Twist exercises are best for people looking to reduce some weight in the abdominal area or even strengthen that particular area. These exercises are also great for toning the abs. So, if you are looking at any one of these you shall definitely include the twist exercises in your daily workout regime.

Which are some of the best twist exercises?

There is a wide range of twist exercises mainly focus on your abs, core muscles and fat. Each of these exercises has its own purpose and results. Some of the best twist exercises have been mentioned below:

  1. Sit-ups to twist
  2. Russian twist
  3. Hip twists
  4. Trunk Rotations
  5. Spiderman
  6. Ab rocker
Which are the best twist exercises for core?
Twist Exercises All You Need To Know

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A strong and strengthened core is something difficult to get but it is one of the most valuable things which you can after your exercise. There are a number of interesting and fruitful twist exercises which can help you in getting a great core for your body. Some of these have been discussed below:

  1. Panther shoulder tap
  2. Sit tap
  3. Side Planks
  4. Bicycle crunch
 Which are the best twist exercises for stomach /twist exercises forabs?

Well shaped, toned and attractive ab is a dream. The best twist exercises for a great stomach/ abs have been mentioned below:

  1. Hip twists
  2. Leg circles
  3. Windmill
  4. Crisscross
 Which are the best twist exercises for waist?
Twist Exercises All You Need To Know 2

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An attractive waistline is something that we all want but losing a few inches becomes tough. Some of the interesting and effective twist exercises for your waist have been mentioned below:

  1. Dumbbell Side Bend
  2. Heel touch
  3. V crunches
  4. Planks
What is the Russian twist?
Twist Exercises All You Need To Know

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A lot of importance is placed on the Russian twists whenever we talk about the twist exercises. For Russian twists, you need to lie on the floor. Then you need to ensure that your feet are placed in such a manner than that they have good support and don’t move. Now, you need to bend your legs towards the knees. Then elevate your upper body to form a V shape. Now you can turn or do side exercises.

What is the Tyler Twist exercise?
Twist Exercises All You Need To Know 4

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This is a pretty different twist exercise which mainly concentrates on the elbows. You can use a solid element or a flex bar to ensure proper execution of the exercise. You will basically have to hold the bar and then perform movements/ exercises which mainly concentrate on the elbow. It is great for relieving pain in the elbow.

What are the benefits of twist exercise?
  1. These exercises are absolutely great for strengthening and toning the core muscles of your body. They help in giving the muscles the perfect look which you will love to flaunt.
  2. Weight loss around the abs is a major concern for many of us. The inclusion and practice of the twist exercise daily is definitely going to give effective results in losing excess weight.
  3. Helps in reducing a few inches on the waistline
  4. Helps in reducing unwanted fat
  5.     These exercises help in improving your posture and also help you in balancing well
  6. If you are planning to work out without your partner or if you have a workout partner then you can definitely include some interesting exercises in your routine. These are effective and fun. A set of the twist exercises with your partner will add a fresh and fun feel to the otherwise tiresome twist exercises. You can include weights or a ball if you do not want to repeat the same exercises always.
 What are the shortcomings of twist exercise?
  1. These exercises may lead to straining your muscles. This may lead to pain and soreness. In such cases, you shall take rest and if the pain gets worse you shall visit a doctor.
  2. These exercises may lead to back pain. You shall avoid exerting and take rest.
 What are the precautions/ points that you should remember while performing these exercises?
  1. It is important that you perform these exercises very carefully. Initially, you should perform these exercises under expert supervision.
  2. It is very important to give these exercises time to get the desired results. You need to have patience and perseverance.
  3. One shall always remember that just exercising and working out does not help. You need to ensure that you have a check on the calories which you take in.
  4. While performing the exercises if you have hurt yourself and the pain continues, you must go and see the doctor.
  5. If you are performing these exercises using weights and if you are unable to balance it then lesser the weights and first get the exercise right. You can eventually increase the weight.
  6. You shall try to simply twist your torso first rather than twisting your entire body. This is much more challenging and effective.
  7. To make your exercises challenging and tough you can add an inflatable ball. This will make your core workout harder and challenging.
  8. Please do not hold your breath while doing these exercises.
  9. You shall always do these exercises slowly, steadily and carefully.
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