Vaseline Lip Care Rosy Lips Review

by Sreeparna Ganguly
4 minutes read

What is it? Vaseline Lip Care Rosy Lips is a lightly scented sheer pink lip balm that protects the lips and helps restore healthy soft, pink lips.

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Price- Rs.45 for 10gm

My Experience with Vaseline Lip Care Rosy Lips


This lip balm comes in a sleek plastic tube with screw cap. The outlet of the tube has been rounded so that the lip balm can be used directly on lips. The packaging has ombre pink color and its outlook is almost similar to Vaseline’s regular lip care balm tubes. The packaging is very convenient and sturdy. This kind of balms should not be shared with anyone as the tip of the ball comes in contact with the lips.

Colour & Texture-

This lip care has a slight pink tint to it. Although the tint looks good on its own but sadly its intensity is too low to show up on the lips. So, this lip balm looks exactly same as any other tint-free lip salve on my lips. The texture of this balm is light but moisturizing. It feels like an extended version of the good old Vaseline petroleum jelly.


This product has a mild floral scent to it. The fragrance is also same as any other Vaseline Lip Care; nothing new in it. The fragrance, though not novel, is very sweet. I really like how it smells. I never experienced any overpowering feel from the scent.


When I saw this new lip balm from Vaseline I was quite excited to try it. Though it is named as ‘Rosy Lips’, it is not at all pigmented to give the rosy touch to my lips. Its texture, feel and even the smell is exactly same as Vaseline’s old Original version of Lip Care. It felt like old wine in new bottle. This is, however, a good nourishment locking balm for the lips. It has petroleum jelly as the main ingredient. It helps to heal chapped lips but if you have severely chapped lips it is going to take a while to cure. Also, the lightweight formula needs frequent reapplication as I have very dry lips. This product works really well under matte liquid lip colors.

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Vaseline Lip Care Rosy Lips Review 5

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  1. Non-greasy lip moisturizer
  2. Supplies moisturization to the lips
  3. Can be used with matte lip colors
  4. Can be used in every season
  5. Widely available and pocket-friendly


  1. Ingredient list not mentioned
  2. The formula might feel a bit light for extreme winter
  3. Takes time to heal chapped lips
  4. No tint
  5. Texture, smell, and feel everything is the same as the Original variant

Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

Vaseline Lip Care Rosy Lips is just another variant of Vaseline’s Lip Care lip balms with Petroleum Jelly as the main constituent. It is a lightweight lip nourisher that can be used every season. It is quite an affordable option so I might buy it again. If you like pure Vaseline or Vaseline’s lip balm, you will like it.


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Smriti January 1, 2018 - 3:42 PM

I also find it difficult to trust a product when the ingredient list is not mentioned. But loved those swatches and the description

Sreeparna Ganguly January 1, 2018 - 7:38 PM

Thank you Smriti :love
Your lovely comments always make my day :rose: :rose:
I am a bit finicky about the ingredient list sometimes.. :unsure:

Sone January 2, 2018 - 1:14 PM

Nice review….!!
I am enjoying the VLCC lip balm right now

Sreeparna Ganguly January 5, 2018 - 4:36 PM

Thank you :rose:
I am yet to try any VLCC lip balm. I don’t know why I haven’t got one from VLCC when I am a lip balm junkie :bye: