Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Body Mist Review

by Kamya Dixit
5 minutes read

Who is it for? Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Body Mist is basically for those who are fond of perfumes and body mists and love to have luxurious sprays and mists collection.

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Body Mist

Price and quantity:

$15 for 75ml

My Experience with Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Body Mist


The name of this mist perfects to justifies the very sexy packaging of this product. It comes in a red color sleek plastic bottle with a golden sprayer along with a beautiful long black yet little transparent cap at the top. The cap fits properly with the bottle its nothing like it comes off easily. Which is comfortable for traveling needs as well. I like its very sexy packaging with a perfect red and black color combination. Thumbs up for the packaging.

My experience.

I had a very beautiful experience with Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Fragrance Body Mist Brume Parfumme because I personally like Victoria’s secret brand very much. I am very fond of having collections of perfumes, mists, bags, makeup and almost everything. My uncle from the USA gifted me this beautiful mist on my birthday. Talking about the product I was like happy after looking at the packaging of the mist and when I smelled the mist damn it was like a beautiful blend of vanilla orchid, sun-drenched clementine, and midnight blackberry fragrances. This mist is a full- sized product. It is transparent having water like consistency,

The sprayer system is of good quality works well and it not so hard to press. Where I live it’s very hard to find this mist not sure about other locations. However, the company says this mist offers ultimate seduction but I personally didn’t felt anything like that. The fragrance is unique I must say. It can turn a dull mood into a refreshing one. The staying power is satisfactory and many people have asked me which one is this. The product is skin friendly no irritation, rashes or anything like allergy on my skin. The only thing that bothers me is the price of this product its quite expensive for me to use it on a daily basis as lots of better options are introducing every other day at less price. Well, this is a perfect luxurious body mist. It’s very hard to describe the fragrance exactly as sometimes it smells more of fruity, musky, floral and like citrus.

Overall Performance of  Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Body Mist

What did I like?
  1. Mood Refreshing fragrance
  2. It’s lightweight
  3. Travel-friendly
  4. Comfortable & handy
  5. Perfect for special occasions
  6. Long lasting
  7. Utterly attractive packaging
What I Didn't like about the product
  1. Its availability in India
  2. Very expensive for such quantity
Will, I recommend/repurchase?

Yes, who can afford to buy such expensive mists and looking for a perfect oriental & fruity fragrance for ladies. For me, I would like to use it for special occasions or mood swings as it is a bit expensive for me to use on a daily basis.

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