VLCC Honey Moisturiser Review

by Monika Kumari
3 minutes read

Who is it for? This VLCC Honey Moisturiser prevents dry skin by making it soft and hydrated. It gives softness from inside and glossy skin from outside by removing rough patches and dry lines from the skin.

VLCC Honey Moisturiser Review


INR 225 for 100 ml

My Experience with VLCC Honey Moisturiser


Vlcc Moisturiser comes in a bottle which is quite sturdy and therefore it takes a lot of effort squeezing the moisturizer out. But at the same time it does not get leaked easily and is effective lightweight moisturizer hence makes it suitable for traveling.

How to apply

After cleansing your face and neck apply it evenly in an upward direction. It will smoothen the skin and can apply whenever required. Apply twice daily after cleansing and toning.

Color and Texture

VLCC Honey Moisturiser is energetic cream which refreshes the skin with a sweet flag and fenugreek fragrance making skin more fresh and healthy. And the texture is really good which keeps the skin very moisturized and lasts very long.


VLCC Honey Moisturiser is blended with pure honey and Jojoba oil to replenish the lost moisture and hydrate the skin. This moisturizing cream comes with a non-sticky effect while keeping your skin even toned as it is enriched with Honey and Natural oils, while the Fenugreek extracts give sweet smelling fragrance to the skin. It doesn’t let the skin dry for pretty good hours.  It’s a perfect moisturizer for combination skin like mine. It seeks into the skin as soon as you apply it. It keeps skin moisturized the whole day and doesn’t oil up the face at all. Can be used in the summers as well. It can be used before applying the makeup as a primer to keep the skin hydrated and makes the blending easier.

  1. Affordable price
  2. Nourishes the skin and keep it hydrated from deep within
  3. Protects the skin from dryness by removing rough patches and dry lines
  4. It has a creamy texture with sweet smelling fragrance which refreshes the skin
  1. It is not suitable for oily skin
Would I Recommend or Repurchase?

Yes, I would definitely recommend this because May whatever the climate be this cream works like wonders and I just can’t stop buying another bottle of it until I finish the first one. It’s just all time favorite since ages.

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