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Ericson Laboratorie are world renowned for their non invasive yet dramatically effective range of luxury facials. This luxury range of facial treatments has been brought to India by VLCC.

ericson laboratoire

A brief about Ericson Laboratorie

Ericson laboratoire is a labour of love-the synergies of an expert Doctor and the beautiful beautician he fell in love with. The doctor had extensive experience in treating skin of burn victims. Imagine the level of damage the skin had gone and the level of expertise that goes into treating such damaged skin.

He combined this with latest technology of skin rejuvenation and years of experience that his wife had- and thus was born Ericson Laboratorie.

A French brand that has wowed women worldwide.

VLCC is the flag bearer of the beauty and wellness industry in India.

It was but logical that it is they who bring these signature treatments to India under their signature “ luxe Affaire Line” . This range caters to every skin type and age group – a complete package.

The facial treatments available under VLCCxEricsonLaboratorie are:

  • Enzymacid

A facial that focuses on deep exfoliation.

It effectively combines the different methods of skin exfoliation step by step  and gets results like no other.

The facial exfoliates the skin in three ways:
  1. Mechanical – Aluminium crystals are used to topically exfoliate the skin .
  2. Chemical- The wonder chemical AHA is used in this step to chemically exfoliate the skin.
  3. Biological- The extracts of brown algae are used to purify and cleanse the skin from deep within.
  • Slim Face Lift

A facial that miraculously sculpts the, face without the scalpel and knife.

This is made especially for people who want to give their face a chiselled look or get rid of the extra fat around the face.

The beauty of this facial is that it works with the tissue reconstruction technology .This is a safe biological process.

  • Perfection White

This is a treatment that focuses especially on regulating the pigmentation of the skin. By targeting the melanin, this gives the face a brightened look.

Perfect for people with mature skin and pigmentation issues, this facial gives you a brightened complexion.


  • GenX

This is essentially a face lifting facial which uses brown algae. The alga work in the core of the cell to activate the collagen production, which is responsible for skin elasticity.  This is especially suited for people who are looking for an anti aging facial, that results in younger looking skin.

  • Fresh Caviar

A personal favourite, fresh caviar like the name suggests uses caviar to work deep in the skin and provide immense hydration and nourishment. An organic facial that combines the cell extracts of caviar to uplift the skin making it hydrated at the same time.

This is perfect for everyone who wants to maintain good skin and keep it hydrated and nourished.

My Personal Experience with the Fresh Caviar Facial

Ericson has managed to get the purest form of caviar .This has the properties to plump up dull and sagging skin resulting in younger looking healthy skin.

The speciality of this facial is that the caviar is preserved without any preservatives- can’t get purer than this!

This facial is suitable for anyone in their 20s to 60s . Basically, everyone who wants a hydration boost and plumped up skin.

This facial delays premature aging and helps fight early signs of aging.

The proof is in the pudding they say! I went through the hour long procedure and came back with revived, supple and really, really great skin!

ericson laboratoire

Go visit your nearest VLCC get a consultation and get the best beauty treatment available in the market.

You will fall in love with your skin, all over again 😉

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