Do Weight Gain Tablets Work ?

by Pallavi Bose
2 minutes read

Weight Gain Tablets: People consider that only losing weight is difficult but no let me state you gaining weight is much more difficult than losing weight. For gaining weight, you need to follow some specific diet and that too might not work for everyone. Thus, gaining weight is exceptionally difficult.

weight gain tablets

But here we will not stress ourselves. Let’s have a look at some of the best weight gaining tablets which will help you to add some kilos to your system –
  1. Methyltestosterone – This is one of the best and safest tablets to put on weight. Even athletes use this tablet to put on weight on your body. But this is also known to disturb your bowel movement and among girls, it causes menstrual discomfort. Thus, the best is to take the doctor’s recommended dose which is only 1 tablet per day post lunch.
  2. Oxymetholone – This is a very effective drug for weight gain and it contains steroid ketotifen which helps in shedding your extra kilos. Each capsule should be consumed post a meal. But you should maintain heavy water intake along with this capsule.
  3. Nutrigain Plus Capsules – These are the ayurvedic weight gain capsules. Ayurvedic weight gain capsules come without any kind of side effect. They are 100% safe and sound to be consumed. This will lead to an increase in your muscle mass. You can consume at least one of this capsule everyday post lunch or dinner.
  4. Body fast herbal growth weight gain capsules – This increases your body size, energy and fitness level in your body. They are ayurvedic and thus will not cause any harm to your body. You should consume 1 of this capsule every day on an empty stomach.
  5. Jain Ashwagandha Tablets – These are the ayurvedic tablets which are known to empower your nervous system and supports a healthy immune system.

These tablets need to be consumed daily once on an empty stomach.


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