What is White Light Energy Meditation?

by Diksha S
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What is White Light Energy Meditation? According to vedic scriptures light (or dhi) is considered to be healing, purifying as well as enlightening. Meditation (or dhi-an oi Dhyan) is considered to be a meditation to purify one’s soul and attain peace. Yoga not only elaborates on using light to rejuvenate oneself but is also believed to improve relationships.

White energy meditation is also called white light meditation or Jyoti Dhyan, is a special form of meditation. White energy meditation not only enriches your life experiences through meditation but also provides a medium to experience and grow through the same. By cultivating this experience through daily practice one can grow to identify one’s true identity as a soul, Atma and spirit.

What is White Light Energy Meditation

How to do this?

If you want to get started on white energy meditation, then you can just follow this simple guide and experience the power of light within you:

  1. Find a quiet place to sit.
  2. Sit in an upright position with your neck, spine and back straightened.
  3. Sit in a seating yoga position of your choice.
  4. To aid in concentration you may play soft background music of your choice.
  5. Rest your hands on your thighs with the tips of the thumb and the middle finger touching each other.
  6. Close your eyes and take deep breaths for at least 10 times.
  7. Take a deep inhalation through your nose(nostrils) and exhale through your mouth.
  8. As you inhale feel the peace and serenity with every breath that you take.
  9. As you exhale try to give out all your negative energies of anxiety, depression, and stress. Let the air you had inhaled wash away all your negative energies with it while leaving through your mouth.
  10. Repeat this for 5 more rounds
  11. As you start relaxing try to feel a pale blue-white light above your head. Keep your eyes closed.
  12. Try to feel the warmth of that light.
  13. Once you feel the warmth, try to let this warmth flow through your body entering from your head and moving through your body in a clockwise direction. Try to feel the energy in you, the warmth till you feel light.
  14. Try to feel this light wash away through your Ajna chakra(in your brain), and slowly move towards your Vissudhya(throat chakra) and Anahata(in your heart) to your Manipura( the chakra of your inner self which has your qualities and traits).
  15. Feel the pure energy in all your chakras. As the light passes through each chakra it cleanses and decongests it before moving on to the next chakra
  16. Once it reaches your Hara Chakra(the sacral chakra), experience it moves in a clockwise direction and swirls through it.
  17. Feel the energy cleaning your chakras very aggressively and powerfully. Allow the powerful light to decongest your clogged Solar Plexus. Feel yourself getting revitalized and recharged.
  18. Let the light run through you to you Mooladhara Chakra (located in the base of your spinal cord).
  19. Feel the light swirl through it, flushing through it powerfully. Continue to keep it cleaning you until you feel re-energized and light.
  20. Feel it travel through you downwards to your thighs… Then to your calves and them to your toes.
  21. Once it reaches your toes allowed the light to travel back from your toes to your head in a straight, all-cleansing manner.
  22. Feel it traveling through all the seven powerful chakras in your body and your soul finally reaching your brain and cleansing it.
  23. Allow it to quickly swirl in a clockwise manner and feel it burst through your head leaving you in in a state of calm and relaxation.
  24. Once this is done bring your hands to your chest and join them together in namaskar mudra.
  25. Be grateful for the divine calmness.
  26. Rub the palm of your hand and feel it getting warmed up.
  27. Place the heated palm on your closed eyes.
  28. Slowly open your eyes to the palm and wait until your eyes adjust to the light.
  29. Slowly open your eyes, feel the relaxation, refreshment, rejuvenation, and positivity.

Start doing this for 10 minutes a day and then increase your meditation time to 30 minutes gradually.

Benefits of white light energy meditation:

1) It helps enhance determination as well as endurance performance.

2) It has recently been adopted by many cancer patients to help with coping strategies and also enriches spirituality.

3) It increases focusing power and helps you concentrate.

4) Daily practice helps you adhere to your goals and also helps adapt methods to achieve your goals.

5) It increases your motivation.

6) It is believed to cleanse your core thereby helping you to resist illness.

7) Helps you have a clearer thought process. It removes unwanted thoughts and helps you to think through difficulties clearly.

8) It helps you calm down.

9) It rejuvenates you and helps you become spiritually more enlightened.

10) It is believed to help you heal.

11) Helps you control your emotions.

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