When Does Makeup Expire ?

by Arya Chatterjee
5 minutes read

Rule of thumb, old makeup is always a no no. If you’ve had makeup from over a year ago, toss it my friend. Because old makeup not only is less effective but also causes major skin damage. Plus with all these new trends coming up, you need to be up to date.


Every makeup product has a life and we’re here to help you figure out when to toss your makeup and when it can last just a little bit longer. Let’s go.


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Apparently most makeup brands can forgo with putting expiration dates on their products but some, from the goodness of their heart, do put them to make our lives easier. Most products have a period after opening mark on them. 6M means the product should last upto 6 months after purchase. You can surely check before buying. Now you can’t always keep only buying products that have expiration dates, so here’s what you do.


Mascara is good to use for 2-3 months from purchase. Once the texture starts to become clumpy and hideous, it’s time to toss it and buy a new one.


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  • Lipsticks

Now this is a tricky one. We all have that one shade of lipstick that we keep on using even though we know, deep in our hearts, that it’s time to toss it. But shelf life for a lipstick is 1-2 years only. I know it’s breaking my heart too. So my advice would be to put that red lipstick on and flaunt it before you need to part with it.


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  • Nail Polish

I’ve experienced this countless times. Old nail polish becomes clumpy and miserable and to rejuvenate it is another science altogether. I’ve discovered that nail polish lasts 1-2 years maximum. If it’s older than that, it’ll let you know with it’s texture. Toss it, girl.


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  • Lotion

2 years is it. Expired lotion is the most harmful thing you can be using. Lotion is the most basic makeup product you own and putting expired product all over your skin may cause irreparable damage. Think twice before you use it.


When Does Makeup Expire

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  • Fragrances

Perfumes can be used for about 8-10 years depending on how extensively you use it. The lighter it becomes, the closer it is to it’s expiration date. Storing them in cool, dark environments is key. The instructions don’t lie.


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  • Cleanser and Toner

A cleanser may last for about a year and a toner may last for about 6 months to a year.


  • Foundation

The shelf life for foundation is 1 year. You may think that you can keep using your favourite foundation for longer but no. Foundation covers your skin before application of makeup. Using expired makeup can close up your pores and harm your skin.


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  • Eyeliner

Most used product in our makeup bag, it only lasts for 3 months. I know this breaks my heart too but what can you do.


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Here’s my tip for all the girls who are on a budget out there. If you can’t afford to buy makeup every 3- 6 months, then invest in small quantities that you know you’ll finish. It’ll be cheaper and finishing it before expiration will give you incentive to buy new makeup.

Cheaper doesn’t mean poor quality though. Quality is key. You should always know what you’re putting on your face to avoid damage.


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