Yardley London English Bluebell Refreshing Body Spray Review

by Sreeparna Ganguly
4 minutes read

Who is it for? Yardley London English Bluebell Refreshing Body Spray is ideal everyday body deodorant for those who want to try a mysterious musky floral deodorant instead of those cliché sweet floral perfumes.

Price- Rs.190 for 150ml
Sensitive Skin Alert?

It contains alcohol and phthalate (1%) so a patch test is best for extra sensitive skin.

Yardley London English Bluebell Refreshing Body Spray

My Experience with Yardley London English Bluebell Refreshing Body Spray


This deodorant comes in a tall cylindrical metal can. The spray nozzle is secured with a blue plastic cap. The packaging is sturdy but not something that fits your purse. Currently, this variant of Yardley perfume is available in an only 150ml can. Trial size of this variant is not available.

Colour & Texture

It is a colorless clear fragrant liquid. The liquid evaporates quickly like any other alcohol based deodorant. It has no moisturizing particles or talc in it so it does not stain clothes.


Though this fragrance is named as English bluebell, it is basically a blend of woody and musky notes to the original bluebell fragrance. The base notes are created with vanilla and musk. The middle notes have English bluebell, lily of the valley and peony. The energizing top note is created with cassis.


I like Yardley deodorants a lot and whenever I see something new from this brand I can’t resist myself from trying that. This English bluebell body spray is among Yardley’s latest launches in India through this range was available in their international range for a few years now. Though this variant is named as English bluebell, it is a blend of various floral and musky notes. This fragrance has depth and sensuality to it. Yet, it feels so feminine. The fragrance is stronger than the lavender variant from the same brand and staying power is above average.

What do I like about this body spray?
  1. Musky floral fragrance different from common floral deodorants
  2. Stronger fragrance but not overpowering to the senses
  3. Stays for 5-6 hours at least on a sweaty day
  4. Does not stain clothes
  5. Does not gets mixed up with sweat to produce an odd smell
  6. Can be used as everyday deo for all seasons
What I dislike about this body spray?
  1. Presence of alcohol and phthalate is an issue with all Yardley fragrances including this one
  2. Available only in bigger size; no travel pack is available for this particular variant
Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

I am fond of fruity floral fragrances so I might not purchase this particular variant again. I would rather stick to Yardley’s Lavender, Autumn Bloom or Country Breeze. If you love musky woody fragrances then this is a must-try for you.


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