Your Best Positive Hack #10 – Live Your Present

by Sone
5 minutes read

Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine. She is a really nice person…but has practically given up on her dreams.The dreams are STILL important to her…and she will be pretty much wrecked up if they don’t get fulfilled. But she is feeling low and has no motivation to go on.

That is when I struck me, don’t we ALL go through these phases?

Before I explain further, here is the quote I want to share with you today :

Today, this very moment – where you are right now, this was your farway future a year ago? Correct no…and a year from now, this is going to be your past! Correct again?So, technically  (and practically) YOU have the control over BOTH your past and future! Correct again!! 🙂

This is what I told my friend yesterday, this is what I tell my self and this is my suggestion to you guys 🙂 Live the present to the fullest, that is the one thing that is TOTALLY in your control.


When I told this to her, she said- but I cannot be reckless, I have to think about the future too! That’s correct, your future will be one day your present. So how do we fix this continuum of time in our lives , so that we live the life of our dreams?


Here is my proposition :

Live your life time, in a single day , every day.


Deets ——>


A. Your Past :

Daily, every single day , at least once a day- remember all the good things in your past.

Anything and everything that happened good in your life, remember that.If anything that your remember makes you sad because it was good, plan to insert it in your future ,because that thing is your hidden desire.

This will accomplish two things.


First, you WILL be grateful that good things happened to you, and give your past credit.You will realize ,good things DID happen to you too and your faith and hope will increase. Second, you will know what is really important to you.


If you say the past is over and no point thinking about the good stuff. You are kidding nobody but yourself. That is the stupidest thing to do. If you cannot fondly remember your past, might as well give up on the present and future. Bid adieu to the world and live the rest of your life ,as an ascetic in the himalayas.

Sorry, but this kind of stupid ungrateful thinking is pointless and annoying.You cannot create a positive energy flow UNTIL you are grateful and happy about your past to begin with.


B. Your Future :

Keep yourself sorted. Know what is really important to you. Don’t obsess about how impossible your dream is. Just know it.

Work towards it. Working to wards it also includes, putting yourself in a frame of mind, that you are so strong-that if a challenge or crisis arises in the future-you can rise up to the occasion and deal with it,in your favor.


Every single day, take out time to plan for your future,if you can, make an effort towards it. If you can’t do that, ATLEAST imagine your dream coming true!

No imagination police will come knocking on your brain doors, to arrest you for imagining what you want. Be HAPPY…EUPHORIC at the prospect of your dream coming true and the fantabulous future that you are making right now.


C. Your Present :

Live it ! Productively 🙂

Every day make a list of tasks for yourself. Tasks that you know, you should be able to accomplish. Keep yourself busy -being productive.Once you complete your tasks, give yourself a treat.

Revel in the wow feeling that your work for the day is done!!I’ll tell you something, I assigned myself a task today, and the idea of completing it is already making me so happy!


Reward yourself with small accomplishments -on a DAILY basis. Its the best and most productive form of positive reinforcement. You will feel like the James Bond of life in a few days. Trust me on this 🙂


My point in case is this : Every single day dedicate 2/3 of your time to the present, 1/6 of the time to happy memories and 1/6 of the time to the prospect of a great future.Nobody will get inside your brain and mock you for it-just be honest with yourself.


I PROMISE…Guaranteee!! That your life will change the way you want it to 🙂


Have a great weekend!! :*


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